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Reasonable suspicion of cases of pediatric cancer in Chile, Chile


Reasons for suspicion that cases of pediatric infantile carcinoma in Chile are leaving Chico

Indeed, in a world in which every person frees their fates, their actions and freedoms as an essential good, everyone can independently choose how they earn their income. Work or work later in a particular activity, where what is prescribed by the law would be the only limitation for the assessment when making such a decision.

However, this is only in the fictional world. Because that world does not exist. From the moment when free will is not complete, personal autonomy (I) is conditioned by the context (circumstances). This reality attempts to approach politics from the idea of ​​equalizing opportunities in a society with a market economy. And the welfare state in many countries, mainly Europeans, where society is in general, meeting the basic social and material needs of its members, and this should not be subject to violation of their basic rights desperate. For example, where the urgency of addressing health, housing, education has to accept life in areas that are converted into slaughterhouses by their own sources of work. Puchuncavi and Quintero, Freirin, Tocopilla, Coronel, Alto Manihuales are very clear cases.

But the question is not only about the limits of our will at the time of the election.

Also, due to the effects of my business and work in third parties, whether they are natural heritage, communities, or even those who have no other option than to accept what others decide for them.

In all this, I thought while reading the chronicle Radio Santa Maria who reported last week about two cases of childhood thyroid gland cancer in Chile, Chico. Pathology very rarely in boys and girls, and generally associated with genetic inheritance or continuous exposure to radiation.

In addition, toxicologist Andrei Chernigin pointed out that this is possible due to genetic or environmental factors. The president of the Department of Environment of the Medical Association pointed out that he can come from the exposure "mineral products, some radioactive ingredients that also favor development, and also fluoride, sometimes in some minerals or volcanic sites there is the removal of fluoride that can pass into the water or have air pollution, and when it is linked, it gives priority to the development of cancer"

And the doctor calls: it needs to be explored to determine the possible causes of "because if there are any environmental factors, new cases can occur"And it gives a signal:"In gold mining you must meld material until you reach the vein, and therefore there are other minerals that have toxicity. Now in modern mining for grain is not used cereals, but it is strange where there are golden embankments, there are landfill minerals, which is also a toxic substance that has to be investigated"Same as with vanadium, another heavy metal that represents complexity in terms of public and environmental health.

Mining is a sector of high impact on the environment and the social environment, which in our region left scattered dams from polluters, which is a state today that has to be repaired through public funds. Or the case of the death of animals and poisoning with heavy metals of the inhabitants of Alto Manihuales, as the medical college itself recorded in 2015.

Otherwise, every person has the right to work on what he considers relevant. Even more so in a country like Chile, thanks to a neoliberal model that combines the most basic goods and services (no guaranteed rights to health, education, housing, water, energy) force many to accept a violation of one's own rights.

However, it is even more serious if it leads to the destruction of the common heritage or even the lives of children who do not interfere with the decisions of the elderly, whether they are workers, businessmen or even political authorities. Therefore, according to Ternnicin, the seriousness of the situation requires that the extent of the event that happens be known.

This, just as a small but basic step towards the promotion of socio-ecological justice.

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