Tuesday , March 2 2021

#ReportUnocero Viral trains everywhere

Among viral phenomena and news that seems to be the result of fake news from social networks, the week of # ReportUnocero is a story telling of various events that only the digital age can give us.

#TAG 338 I live APEX 2019, Galaxy M10 and M20, and Moto G7 (leaks)

For example, we have the great idea of ​​applying a tax to online pornography in the United States to solve the cost of the Donald Trump border wall. Or also, Diana arrives at the same source of one of the fashion memes, the popular "sad dog" and tells them her findings.

Then we get more serious with a train that is more distressing, such as the theme of the vaqueta marina and Leonardo DiCaprio's documentary, which, fortunately, returned the news to the conversation. And finally, the dangerous error of FaceTime that continues to pay for the crisis of Apple.

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