Monday , May 16 2022

Resurrected are due to the code inherited from the original


Devil 2: Resurrected connection problems are due to code inherited from the original

The last few weeks of Devil 2: Resurrected have been marked by serious server connection issues, compatibility errors and a horde of users requesting a full refund of the game. These problems are not new at all, as since the same day of release a large number of players could not enjoy them due to their cash falls.

It seems, however, that the problem is not entirely caused by the mismanagement of their servers, as in the development of Devil 2: Resurrected was implemented code of the original title, a little more common than it may seem to facilitate the work and shorten the same. If we mix the inability of the servers to assimilate the activities of all players while applying the new updates plus the code inherited from the original Diablo 2, it results in a catastrophe for the players and the studio.

The original Devil 2 code is limited

The community administrator, Adam Fletcher, has tried to give an extensive explanation to the problems the title is suffering in recent days, which he mainly attributes to a part of the original code in charge of monitoring certain operations of the players. This is causing a service from 20 years ago to have very significant stress due to high demand.

In 2001, there was not so much content on the internet about how to play Devil 2 ‘correctly’. Today, however, a new player can look for any number of amazing content creators who can teach them how to play the game in different ways, many of which include a lot of database loading in the form of creating, loading and destruction of games in rapid succession. Although we anticipated this, with players creating new characters on new servers, working hard to get their magic items, we greatly underestimated the scope we gained from beta testing.

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