Monday , August 8 2022

Santa Cruz went to Chile for Araucania 2019


There is nothing missing about the launch of the Binational Games in Araucania. The competition, to be held for the 27th edition, will be held today in the Magallanes region of Chile.

Both residents of Puntarenas and Natalia can live in the action's actions and expect, of course, a better performance of the owner of the house.

Santa Cruz went to Chile yesterday after 13:00, from CePARD (also part of the delegation on November 28th), which will arrive in the Chilean region yesterday.

Upon their arrival, technical bodies together with their delegates must attend accreditation where they will perform the appropriate administrative procedures of various athletes, as well as be part of the previous congresses of each discipline.

Except for judo and swimming, which starts tomorrow, action for other athletes starts today afternoon, with the first day of the activities of these games.

Santacrucenos arrives with the intention of achieving the best possible results to compete with other great powers of the competition: Rio Negro and Chubut.

The first is the most successful in history. In total, she has elevated the championship cup of matches on eleven occasions, last in 2016, to matches in the Bio Bio region.

The other, in the meantime, was the last winner of the competition, at the event that they organized in 2017 alone.


A traditional opening ceremony will be held this afternoon with the presentation of all delegations that will be held from 19:00 in the Fiscal hall, and the secretary of sports Ramiro Bravo will be present among all the representatives of the governing board.

For the third time in the history of these games, Magallanes will be the host of the event, and the locations will be: Punta Arenas and Puerto Natales, which will host over 2200 athletes from all provinces of Argentina and Chilean regions for this important event.

Regarding locations, Punta Arenas will boast athletic disciplines (Antonio Rispoli Diaz Fiscal Stadium); judo (Fiscal Stadium National Sports Institute); Swimming (Pool Fiscal IND); football (Popular League, South Quarter and Sports Confederation Stadium) and men's volleyball (Magallanes University, Cordenap, Sports Confederation and German School).

While on Saturday in Puerto Natales, the basketball will compete (gymnasium Jose Carreras, Polideportivo, Liceo Gabriel Mistral and Fagnano, Baudilla Avendano Schools and Bernardo O'Higgins); cycling (Ruta 5 Norte Puerto Natales-Torres del Paine) and women's volleyball (schools Maria Mazzarello, Luis Cruz Martinez and captain Juan Ladrillero school).


One of the problematic points of local preparation for the Olympic Games was the athletic track of the Fiscal Stadium. This structure, which was in a very bad condition, is being replaced by a completely new one, but its reorganization in some way complicated the process of preparing the athletic team.

In total there will be more than 2200 athletes who will visit Chilean countries, in case there are several new features, including women's categories of cyclists and footballers, plus, for the first time they will have athletes with some kind of disability.


On all of this, it is worth remembering that there will be nine cabinets and four hotels that will be used for a binational competition during the week and much will be said about the preparations and controversies surrounding Punta Arenas, the main place where, however, little is known about what is taking place in Puerto Natales, where they are keen to receive three disciplines to be held in the capital of Ultimo Esperanza.

For today, at least 6 degrees and at most 14 are expected, for this reason there will be no activity in the morning and everything will start at 3:00 pm with the warmth of the sun that appears between the high cloudiness of the region.

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