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Saudi Arabia would be behind the scandal for blackmail to Jeff Bezos to have hacked his phone


A profound investigation revealed by a consultant hired by Jeff Bezos would reveal that Saudi Arabia played a key role in the case.

A new episode in the scandal that arose after the blackmail for possible publication of intimate photos by Jeff Bezos would move the case to a new level. Apparently, what began as a love affair ended up transforming itself into an issue of international politics that would involve several United States media and even the own monarchy of Saudi Arabia.

As we learned, Jeff Bezos separated from his wife MacKenzie in January this year. It was a sensationalized newspaper called National Enquirer which was in charge of spreading the story that the tycoon had been unfaithful to journalist Lauren Sánchez. This caused Bezos and the media to have an exchange of criticism and even threats.

The subject had remained at this point until recently. Bezos did not want to stay with his arms crossed and decided to go to one of the most effective security consultants in the United States, Gavin De Becker. His decision was not at stake, as this man had a remarkable tour of the FBI, the CIA and until the presidency of Ronald Reagan. As if that were not enough, he knows him more than 20 years ago.

That is why he asked De Becker to investigate the interests involved in publishing the story. An extensive study ended up bringing the case to the rest of the world: according to the consultant, Saudi Arabia would be behind all this scandal. Thus, what we will review below will be everything that happened in accordance with De Becker in The Daily Beast:

What had happened so far?

In January the National Enquirer He published an edition on the relationship that Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sánchez had. Shortly afterwards, he identified the person to whom the means had paid him as a source: Michael Sánchez. This man was neither more nor less than the brother of the journalist. Although this could sound logical, it seemed suspicious that the newspaper revealed its source with such ease. It seemed like it would have revealed the name on purpose.

Suspicions increased when the investigation released that the National Enquirer already knew about the relationship before contacting Sánchez. The same subject was the one who confirmed that the media contacted him and not the other way around. Due to this, Bezos had indicated that National Enquirer wanted to attack under political interests.

The answer was not made wait and arrived quite aggressively. In a blog, Amazon's creator reported that he had received threats from AMI, the company that owns National Enquirer. According to he himself, he received a statement in which he had to say publicly that he wrote in the meantime "he had no political motivation or was influenced by external forces". If they did not meet the demands, they would publish a series of intimate photos of their adventure with Sánchez.

The fact that Jeff Bezos made the threat public was unexpected. The businessman made it clear that he would not participate in blackmail despite the personal cost and embarrassment that could be faced. Of course, he asked De Becker to conclude as soon as possible with his research.

Hacker from the other side of the world

Finally, Becker ended a conclusion based on his complex network of informants:

Our researchers and various experts concluded with great confidence that the Saudis had access to the Bezos telephone and obtained private information. As of today, it is not clear to what extent, if any, AMI was aware of the details.

Why did they do that? One reason would be for the relationship of Jeff Bezos with The Washington Post. Being the majority shareholder, attacking him would be of interest to someone whose publications do not suit him.

It is well known that since last October, the media has been investigating a controversial murder. This is the death of Jamal Khashoggi, one of the most critical journalists of the government of Prince Mohammed Bin Salman of Saudi Arabia. The reporter was murdered and shot at an Istanbul consulate.

On the other hand, it is also known that AMI has good relations with Mohammed Bin Salman. In fact, since last year the company has a Saudi propaganda magazine called The New Kingdom. With this, Bezos and his team are not surprised that he has undertaken a campaign of fraud against him.

How will this story continue? We will see in the coming days the consequences of this revelation.

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