Tuesday , January 18 2022

Selfie detects kidney problem | spark


Selfie detects kidney problems; It turns out that an Israeli company has developed a test for the detection of kidney disease through urine using the camera of a smartphone, this type of evidence could detect the risk in time to suffer from kidney disease, as easy as a selfie.

Healthy.io is the company responsible for carrying out this type of test, the results are sent directly to doctors from home, which could be reflected in important resource savings and what is better; by preventing millions of people from suffering from urinary tract diseases and kidney complications.

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The use of this type of test was received positive from the Medicines and Food Administration, Healthy.io along with private investors raised the amount of $ 18 million that will be directed to project the urine analysis kit with smartphones.

The company claims homemade urine tests integrate into global attention standards and is looking to expand its presence in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Operation of the urine homemade test. Photo: healthy.io


The user deposits urine in a container and later takes a photograph, the intelligent system developed by Healthy.io measures 10 parameters set in a "colored wand" in which it is set A range of infections, chronic illnesses and pregnancy related complications.

The company has improved computer vision algorithms to prevent lighting conditions and the type of camera from the smartphone from launching an inaccurate result.

After the analysis, the data are sent to the doctor, who integrates them into a patient record.

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