Saturday , April 17 2021

"She will always be my Palomita, no Paloma Mami"

Paloma Mami has transformed herself into a well-known singer and an influencer in social networks, so this time her father wanted to talk about her daughter's life and the time she spent in New York.

Jorge Luis Castillo says "She will always be my Palomita, no Paloma Mami", Expressed the father of the Chilean singer. He was born in New York and there he raised his daughters, Sofia and Paloma with his ex-wife, Andrea Astorga, for which they were born in the United States. After both were separated, Paloma and her mother settled in Chile to be here.

The father commented that their daughters were in good schools and in a good neighborhood, since when their daughters were small, Jorge bought a department in the sector Upper East Side in New York and was where Paloma He spent most of his childhood and adolescence.

In addition, he explained that Paloma was always creative, since she wanted to be different from others, dressing differently from the rest and when she was 8 years old she was given an electric piano, it was at this moment that Paloma Mami He began to venture into music and singing, recorded his own versions of known songs.

An interesting thing for fans about the new Chilean singer. The father reported that he was on a soccer team, he was the best of the team and then at high school he wanted to follow the drawing and score classes.

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