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Shooting in an amateur match of Buin ends with a death and two injured – National


Shooting in an amateur match of Buin ends with a death and several injured

The shooting had begun in the wake of a fight between the football teams that were facing. Two injured were referred to the Luco Fangs Hospital. Tvn


with one dead and two wounded ended one fight during an amateur match of soccer in the commune of Buin, To the Metropolitan region.

Everything happened to that of them 5:30 PM This Sunday when two teams played a soccer game on the tracks Cerrillo Linderos de Buin and there was a discussion between the bars.

The fight progressed until one took place shootout the projectiles were successful to three people. One of the people to die and the other two were derived from the # 39; hospital Muds Luco, Where they stay with lesions of a reserved nature.

The persecutor of the North Center Public Prosecutor, Andrea Contreras instruct the work of the OS9 and the Criminology Laboratory of Carrabiners to determine the circumstances in which the shootout.

Photo: twitter / jiam12.


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