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Spain: Marriott's "hotel houses" bets to avoid losing guests for Airbnb


After the rise of his pilot in London, the hotel expands its portfolio of tourist apartments to Paris, Lisbon and Rome.

Innovation as a flag and, by the way, slow down the progress of competition. Subtraction Airbnb In the housing sector, it forced traditional hotel managers to turn their business in order not to miss the rather global planning of tourism. And next in a group like Accor, Marriott International started this year in a new segment: tourist apartments.

He started in London and asked for support start-up real estate management, Hostmaker. With this alliance, the world's leading hotel operator, he added to his portfolio 200 homes of individuals who engaged them on the platform and were presented according to quality, design and safety criteria according to their brand. For this, the manager of the management is responsible for the selection of property, preparation for guests and their income in return for 20% of the income.

The first six months in London were good and served as an incentive to expand to three more destinations in Europe. "They proved the complementarity of this product with our portfolio current accommodations, "confirmed EL ESPANOL Belinda Pote, Executive Director of Sales and Marketing for Europe at Marriott International Hotel.

According to the report, its clients selected Tribute Porfolio for "choosing houses, ease of booking and service levels". In addition, he has shown that they opt for such an option, "they have remained twice as long as the average stay in the hotel".

Of course, their guests were not "journalists" in these tourist apartments. "We did not present them in this concept, but in a new experience in the hands of Marriotte." He especially worked among his regular customers, he says, that in most cases they decided to go with their friends or family for this type of accommodation.

Marriott's sustainability for "homesharing" corresponds to a triple goal, says the executive director. On the one hand, the hotel chain Expands "Growing Portfolio Options" on the other hand, "a stronger relationship with our most valuable customers through new experiences designed to reflect how they are traveling." But at that time, and almost the key to this discovery of large hotel chains, this allowed them to reach "customer segments that do not currently stay in our hotels."

Director of Hotelier, Arne Sorenson, explained in an interview with CNBC: Airbnb was in charge of opening the melon "of the first generation of homesharing." But offering a "room or sofa in someone's home" is not the goal of Marita. A hybrid between that experience of "common house" with which the Airbnb platform was born, with the services and amenities it has accustomed to its customers.

"More and more people are looking for places with more than one room to stay in, with family or with friends, and there are houses that we believe can work for this public and where we can offer a service that offers customers added value," adds the CEO.

The Marriott International's portfolio includes more than 6,700 properties distributed in 30 brands and 130 countries and territories. The Tribute Portfolio project is not the first step in the management of tourist apartments, but in urban markets.

"We have some vacation apartments in the type destinations resort, but we believe there is a possibility for clients who want to rent high quality property in key cities with the security offered by Marriott International's standards, its design and benefits from the loyalty program, "said Pote.

European poker

After London hotel giant He chose Rome, Lisbon and Paris to fill up your poker European capital.

"Thanks to our cooperation with Hostmaker (Travel Manager), passengers can select more than 340 Tribute Portfolio Homes options in four European markets, with the ability to win and spend points of our loyalty programs on them," he adds.

During the six months of initial recording, Marriott tried to gather the opinions of its guests to offer a product that really distinguished them in this market. "It was really important to understand the transition between hotels and tourist accommodation," Pote said.

Despite this jump in three new cities, the hotel finds that there is still a way to go to four cities where they are already deciding on the next steps. "We continue to learn and adapt and through this pilot we have managed to improve our approach," he says.

Will he come to Spain? It is still too early to respond, says the Executive Director, which improves that in this case it will be done "in accordance with applicable laws". "Spain is an important market for Marriott International, with a hundred hotels operating under 16 brands," Pote concludes, emphasizing its importance as a favorite destination for travelers from the United States, Latin America or European markets such as Great Britain and Germany.

At present, its Hostmaker management partner is present at the European level as well in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Florence and Cannes, with a portfolio that exceeds 1,500 facilities, taking into account the four cities that are already connected to Marriott. And his plans are to reach more cities.

If the project keeps good progress, the hotelman could continue to take advantage of Hostmaker to accelerate their tourist apartments and try to speed up a bit more share in Airbnb business now that the platform is traveling backwards and looking towards hotels.

Spain is not encouraged

This obligation of tourist apartments with hotel services is still green in Spain. Hotels such as Barcelo, Melia or Iberostar reluctantly add this type of property to their portfolio and legislative uncertainty would be crucial for this.

Yes, two companies in the sector dared: RoomMate and Grupo Pinero. The first, led by Kike Sarasol, has a specific platform for it, Be Mate, through which it manages about 600 apartments. The other has holiday properties in Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

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