Tuesday , May 11 2021

"Suspensions do not see this condition as a disease": a study

Different stigmata who are chasing people with obesity, the lack of understanding of society and the sense of loneliness favors them weight gain, said today Efe Flavia Robles, a patient who has managed to overcome this disease.

"One of the main problems is that the patient is striving for it refuse obesity and to reduce the problem, next to people I do not see this as a disease and blame those who are suffering from it for living a state of this kind, "explained the manager of the Novo Nordisk International Tribunal.

Robles, who had 30 kg of weight after pregnancy, told patients with this disease they are misunderstood not only in their closest circle, but also for doctors who are not sensitive to this disease.

"Education of staff health It's a necessary job. That the obese person feels that he has the attention of a doctor, and that he does not judge himself and that he or she uses a neutral language so that patients can have better treatment, "said Dr. Veronica Vazquez.

The specialist of the National Institute of Nutrition and Medical Sciences Obesity Clinic Salvador Zubiran (INNCMSZ) pointed out that this is because the patient is found guilty.

Contrary to what is happening with other diseases such as cancer, for example, when a patient is viewed as a warrior struggling to win, obesity always stigmatizes who hurts him

The problem, he explained, is that it is a chronic disease and as such there is no drug, so a patient with Obesity he was never fired.

In addition, Flavia Robles noted that in this disease, unlike others that are chronic and incurable, the patient usually ends up feeling lonely.

"You can not lose weight many times, you think it's a magic formula to close your mouth and practice, and people, seeing that we do not lose weight, leave us, you are alone in this fight," the patient said. .

Similarly, he said that the physical appearance is often unfavorable for finding a good job or a partner for the exchange of life.

"It discriminates at all levels and in all aspects of life," Robles said.

In addition, he added, the lack of empathy of people can lead patients to not seek help in solving this problem.

This stigma affects the lack of information that requires patients to seek treatment options, which must be comprehensive and include the family

"Family follow-up is very important, because the value we give to food is constituted because we are small." An emphasis must be placed on the understanding that these things can change, even though it is a treatment for life, "he said.

Currently, treatments like bariatric surgery They are a great option for patients who, despite all their efforts, do not lose weight, Vazquez thought the patient was well informed about the procedure.

"All patients do not meet the criteria, but when they are candidates, the doctor is responsible for explaining to the patient all the possible consequences of losing weight, that changes in the behavior of addiction can occur, according to their image and life," he said.

However, he said that the most important thing is to explain to people that there are no magic formulas or procedures for losing weight because "It's a disease it has to be treated for life, and that is the basis for success to stay healthy. "EFEUSA

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