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Terraplanists organize a cruise to reach the ice wall of the world & # 39; will they find it | Photo 1 of 6 | world


The scientific discoveries of humanity in the field of astronomy and subsequent spatial exploration were the key not only to determine, but to resolve all doubts about the spheroid shape of ours planet .

This is a scientific truth so analyzed, explained and documented, which seems anecdotal that in the full 2019, there is still someone, with the possibility of accessing all this information, which believes that the Earth is flat.

However, so-called 'terraplanists' & # 39; Not only do they exist, they are very well organized. Giving lectures at international conferences and with a whole network of communicators, mainly on the Internet.

These same organizers and lecturers seem to have reached the peak of their postulates, since they are organizing a cruise shipment to the world's "#. The goal: that your followers enjoy "the greatest, most audacious and best adventure" of their lives.


According to his postulates, planet Earth would not be a spheroid as it has been demonstrating from the VI century BC. by Pythagoras, Parmènides and Zenó.

They suggest that our planet is actually a kind of disk in which all continents are found. Due to its shape, this idea raises that the Earth would have borders, but that the ocean that surrounds the continents does not end up overflowing thanks to a great ice wall that keeps it in its place.

Followers of this type of idea say they do not believe in the observations and images of the satellites, which would be manipulated by space organizations such as NASA, to keep the lie of the Earth spheroid.


However, the irony of this scientific expedition & # 39; On the part of the terraplanistas it is that to arrive at the supposed "# ~" end of the world & # 39; The boat will have to use a series of navigation instruments that just prove, once again, that the ground is a spheroid.

"Nautical charts are designed with this in mind and the mere fact that GPSs receive satellite information that orbit" our planet proves that the Earth is spherical, "said Henk Keijer, 1 excapità of cruise and forensic expert to navy, in the British newspaper The Guardian.

But that does not stop the terraplanists, who met in November of the I International Terra Plana Conference, organized in North Carolina (USA) by Robin Davidson, author of the documentary film on this subject.

Davidson initiated the conference announcing that the common goal is "the true scientific research of the Earth" and that it was "the beginning of a revolution that will affect millions of people."

If you want to be part of this & # 39; expedition & # 39; you can register to the next link .

With information from RT, The Guardian, BBC.

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