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The 10 most important tricks to lose weight if you want to lose weight

Doing a diet is not simpleAs long as our brother-in-law, cousin or best friend has done it effortlessly (according to him) and he has achieved his goal. There are many who try it, but many less those who lose weight either by causes or by others. Early birthdays are usually left on fire with chips when we arrive in February.

That's why it's important have all the information possible When we are going to face a slimming diet. Knowing what is good, how to mix foods, what to avoid or when to exercise is vital because our desire to lose weight happens to be a utopia to become a reality.

Sonia Fernández

The lack of this micronutrient is one of the main causes of the appearance of thyroid related disorders. It is mandatory to get it through the diet

That is why we have prepared a decree of tricks to lose weight, ten points that you will have to fulfill when you start your diet and that will help you achieve your goal. with these ten tips you will lose kilos quickly And, most importantly, you will experience an improvement in your health and your physical condition that will make you more satisfied with yourself.

1. Motivation to begin

Changing the day to day is not easy, especially when we talk about dieting and we have spent many years with bad habits acquired. for that It is important to motivate us and be aware of what we must stop doing because it does not fit our body well. Not only will you go to diet, you are going to start caring for From the beginning.

Being convinced is one of the first steps of the diet (EFE / Rolex de la Pena)
Being convinced is one of the first steps of the diet (EFE / Rolex de la Pena)

That's why you need to motivate yourself, have a strong will and commit to following healthy habits that are beneficial for your health. understand that You're going to stop eating some foods that you used to take before and that you will now leave aside, either because of its amount of fat or because it is not directly good for your body.

2. Know the foods

Do you know the properties of blue fish? Do you know the proteins that the chicken brings? You have started to know about the foods you eat every day, because it will be the best way to know what foods do you need to eat? and what are you who can put aside? You do not have to be a nutrition expert: simply having clear some concepts will help us.

3. Mix the ingredients

The perfect diet It combines proteins, fats and carbohydrates in percentages that depend on the needs of each individual, although the Mediterranean diet, for example, says that carbohydrates will be 50 percent of the total, fats at a maximum of 35 percent and proteins have Surrounding the remaining 15 percent.

It is necessary to try to avoid saturated fats and choose the high quality monounsaturated or fats

This does not mean that we can eat all the carbohydrates or all the fats we want. Inside these groups of foods There are more or less healthy ones And, for example, we have it in fats: it is necessary to try to avoid saturated fats and choose high quality monounsaturated fats such as those that are present in olive oil or avocados.

4. Do not skip meals

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are required, by this order and without skipping any of these three meals. Doing so would be very harmful as we would be sending a message to our metabolism to stop burning fat and saving energy. The fact of eating periodically is very important to achieve our goal: to lose weight.

5. Eat without hurry

It is usual that the pace of life that we bring today forces us to Fast food and in just a few minutesBy dedicating only the necessary time to ingest food to be able to arrive at work time, looking for the children, the game of soccer or any other event that we have marked in our calendar.

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The data is as overwhelming as true, since an inadequate diet gives rise to numerous cardiovascular diseases. So we have to eat to avoid suffering.

However, several studies have shown that Enjoy the food and find the necessary time To chew well is very beneficial to lose weight. It is because the brain has to know whether or not we are sneaky and, when eating fast, it continues to send signals so as not to stop eating. If we eat slow, on the other hand, the signals to stop us will arrive sooner.

6. The danger of eating out

There are many who have to eat in restaurants every day or they can not bring their home tupper and have to go to the menu of the day. There will always be more or less healthy foods at your disposal: the most important thing is Avoid frying and fats and opt for salads and cooked products grilled or steamed that we guarantee the minimum calories.

7. Watch out for anxiety

be all day thinking that you're on a diet It is the worst thing you can do when you start a plan to lose pounds. Everything you start thinking about food that you can not eat or in the time you need until the next time you sit in front of the table, causing an anxiety against which, more than likely, you will end up losing.

It is highly recommended to have prepared snacks and healthy foods to chop between hours

To avoid this is a lot It is advisable to have prepared snacks and healthy foods to chop between hours. If in the middle of the morning we get hungry, we have an apple to avoid going to the refrigerator or the machine of the work. If the situation is repeated in the afternoon, some carrots or a grape will calm our appetite and allow us to get to the next free-to-eat anxiety.

8. The importance of fruit

He must be our great ally, both to be one source of vitamins and minerals as to help us to slim down. There are a multitude of fruits that are very suitable for periods when we are on a diet such as apple, pear, kiwi, pineapple, melon, watermelon or avocado. Incorporating them into our diet is synonymous with success for their properties.

9. Two liters of water

He told all the diets and, here, he was not going to be less. Drink two liters of water daily It is very beneficial for our health and, in addition, it is essential to lose weight. In addition to moisturizing, the water helps us to eliminate fats and the more water we drink, the easier we will achieve our goal of losing weight.

Energy drinks contain a lot of sugar (EFE / Andy Rain)
Energy drinks contain a lot of sugar (EFE / Andy Rain)

In addition, people who are used to drinking soda with sugar They have to be very careful because they have a lot of calories and should be replaced by water or tea if they want to succeed with their diet. The same thing happens with the energy drinks: They have a huge amount of sugar and, therefore, many calories.

10. Practice sports

Following all these tips will be very useful to achieve your goal of weight loss. But if we really want to lose weight quickly, we have to do sport. Exercise helps us to burn fatIn addition to being very good both for our physical and mental health. If you have ever done sports, start with the easiest: go for a 10 minute walk to fast pace and extend this time each day.

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They have repeatedly told us that diet and sports should go hand in hand to effectively lose weight. But is it true?

You already have them 10 tricks that will help you lose weight when you start your diet. Now you just have to mentalize and carry out your plan. Organize, prepare menus and fill your fridge for healthy and healthy foods. It is the best way to start a diet and in a few weeks you will begin to see the results in your own body.

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