Sunday , October 17 2021

The amusing anecdote that Paloma Mami lived with a fanatic who asked for a picture for her son | TV and Show

Undoubtedly Paloma Mami has achieved with her music an unexpected success, especially among younger people, who follow it on all of their social networks.

And it is that after the good reception he had not steadyHe followed I do not want to, Song that also became a hit.

Due to its fame, many people recognize it on the street and asks for a photo, although apparently not only loves younger people.

In his Twitter account he shared a funny experience that happened to a person who asked for a photo, supposedly for his son.

"On the other day, a gentleman asked me for a photo and it was like" Dove! "For a photo for my son that he liked & # 39; i took the picture and when I was leaving, the little boy looks at me and asks dad "Do you think who she is?", Ha, ha, ha ".

Paloma Mami | Twitter

Paloma Mami | Twitter

The fun anecdote laughed among his followers and in the hundreds of comments he received, some assured that the father was a whole Palomalover.

It should be noted that Paloma Mami was confirmed by the Urban Trap Facts in Chile, which will be held on Saturday, June 1, 2019, with Ceaese, Cazzú, Drefquila and Gianluca.

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