Saturday , February 27 2021

The Copa America guests will play the Asian Cup final

much is questioned the presence of Qatar and Japan as guests of the America Cup. In addition to the close proximity of the Asians with the South American tournament, the contribution they could give was also called into question. However, the selections proved, at least, to be the Best of its continent and will play the final of the Asian Cup.

The first to access the definition were the jSupporters, who beat Iran 3 to 0 this Monday. Now, this Tuesday, it was the turn of Qatar to demonstrate its potential and They beat by 4 to 0 to account for the United Arab Emirates premises in the semifinal of the Asian tournament.

In a game they dominated completely, Qatar did not have trouble winning and at the break they were gaining 2 to 0, thanks to the goals of Boualem Khoukhi (22 & # 39;) and Ali Almoez (37 & # 39;). Then, in the second half, Qatar continued to dominate and could reflect on the scoreboard at 80 minutes, with the goal of Hassan Al Haydos. The coup de grace would come with the discounts and when the UAE had already had one less for the expulsion of Ismail Ahmed, after that Hamid Ismaeil scored 4 to 0 at 90 '' 3.

With this, Japanese and Qatar, who still do not receive goals in the six matches of the tournament, will face the Asian Cup finals, Next Thursday January 31 from 11:00.

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