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The fate of saying-Coloma: the job bank for senator UDI's relatives


In general, the subject ends up becoming a bomber and the shot, always, goes by the butt to those who raise the discourse against nepotism. It was what happened to the government, considering that during the last presidential campaign, the right -in its role of opposition-, many of the officials and advisers of the administration of Michelle Bachelet d & # 39; be accustomed to living at the expense of the state.

When the change of government was carried out, the media traced the relatives and relatives of Chile Anem and those who assumed in what positions, which triggered that everywhere they cook beans and that beyond professional competencies, There are few who thanks to their surname or kinship reach certain places in the State.

While for a time, Interior Minister Andrés Cahdwick was harassed by the fact that two of his children settled in different places in the government – one of them in fact resigned for the Controversy – is Sen. UDI, Juan Antonio Coloma, is one of the largest number of relatives installed in the government.

A fact that does not stop making noise in U.S. sectors at hours of now, when the party is facing a tense internal competition to define its new president – between Senator Jacqueline Van Rysselbergue, who goes to re-election, and the deputy Javier Macaya- and one of the main promises in the campaign has been to turn the mystique lost to trade unionism.

Senator Coloma has played all his cards for the list of Macaya, in which his own deputy son, Juan Antonio Coloma Albers, postulates as general secretary of the community.

Another of the children and their daughter-in-law entered directly and through the big door in the Currency to sit in key ministerial offices. This is Jaume Coloma Albers, advisor to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who receives a salary of one million nine hundred thousand pesos, and Francisca Hoffmann – wife of the deputy María José Hoffmann and the deputy lady Coloma Álamos – who currently serves as an advisor to the ministry of the General Secretary of Government. In palace, his sister-in-law, Paulina Prohaska, also appears as a journalist for the Segres.

On today's day, there are two other names that also belong to the networks of Sen. Coloma, this is Tomàs Hoffman, the member of the deputy, who is the chief of staff of the National Director of the Civil Service , Alejandro Weber, an entity that operates above High Public Management, the institution in charge of the appointments of the most pleasing posts that the public sector delivers. There is also the governor of Talca, Felip Donoso, son-in-law of Sen. UDI.

In this scenario, the words of President Sebastián Piñera in the midst of the presidential campaign are resounding, when DC, Carolina Goic, presidential senator and former president, criticized the functions performed by some of her family members in the bachelor's administration: "few families have so many public officials, because here it is not a matter for a deputy or a senator, to start putting his brothers, his brothers and sisters, their relatives, in the public sector. "

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