Sunday , October 2 2022

The General Director of the Republic ordered the construction of "vertical ghettos"


During the day, The general supervisor of the republic ordered the paralyze of the so-called " "Vertical geta", after being asked by attorney Osorio Vargas, as stated Third.

The resolution states that the licenses issued "issued in contravention of regulations Applicable, so it is the duty of that municipality (the Central Station) to adhere to "for which the municipality must adopt"the extent of the case in respect of the licenses to which it relates, which would be poorly approved"

"It is appropriate that the municipality brings an administrative summary to determine and perform any official duties, insofar as it concerns the issues solved in the above statements, they must dictate the appropriate administrative act that gives it a start and send a copy to the Unit Monitoring of the Prosecutor's Office of this superior authority", dictated resolution.

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