Tuesday , October 19 2021

The Huaso says goodbye to San Carlos


Five minutes from the end, Stefano Magnasco told Patricio Ormazábal, assistant to Beñat San José, that Cristián Álvarez had to enter. "Take a few minutes to the Huaso!", Expressed the side. Of course, in the days before the match with Higgins, with no major publicity, the historic captain of the Catholic University had already revealed to the squad that yesterday was his final game to San Carlos de Apoquindo. That after the closing of the tournament in Temuco, his 19-year career will definitely come to an end.

It was, perhaps, the perfect epilogue of the tense afternoon in the Precordillera. Because the 1-0 of the Crusades never gave way to the full party. This was recently triggered by the final whistle and with Álvarez running towards the rostrum, already without a shirt, visibly moved, jumping the protective wall and embracing all of them, who were even more affected.

The television cameras forgot a moment of the tournament stage of the Catholic University at a point of obtaining their star number 13 in the First Division. The protagonist was the player icon of this template, who at 38 years old no longer adds as many minutes as in other campaigns, but that in the interior has been one of the ideological supporters of the painting that now has three quarters of the title in his power

While his colleagues embraced the track, he hopes to confirm the tally to zero in the National, Álvarez returned to the ground and approached the The gallery Mario Lepe, to have a particular, more intimate dinner, with the fanatics who have applauded for the band's shirt for hundreds of weekends. The emotions again betrayed the defender, who tried to shake hands as many followers as possible.

"Huasooo … huaso I loved him … the crusaders … they will never forget you!". The stadium was a single choir in honor of the soccer player. At this point, the 4th cruzado did not even have to walk. It is that two of his disciples closest to the squad, Benjamin Kuscevic and Magnasco himself, were in charge of uploading the already legendary player over their men. An image for posterity, with Álvarez almost as nervous as in a final.

Then came the celebration in the chamber. Embrace with colleagues, the last harangue in the Cambril de Sant Carles. Cristian, however, had another chapter of his intimate engagement. With family, friends and even some chamberlain colleagues (Kuscevic did not miss the opportunity to take a photograph with him), the student captain met at the center of the track that so many times he saw him celebrate. Hugs, more pictures and again a lot of emotion.

Catholic University today focuses on the closing of the championship. The idea, obviously, is that Cristián Álvarez returns to win the cup of champion with his team of lovers. Just where he raised the previous, for the crowning of the 2016 championship, under the leadership of Mario Salas. Your square needs a point to get it. And the Huaso will arrive at seven titles with the UC: four in Primera, a Copa Chile and a Super Cup. The crown of the franjeados, the player who also militated in River Plate and University of Lima, will become the most winning soccer player in the history of the club, surpassing Mario Lepe, with that today equalized in six.

The leadership of the Cruzados confirmed, on the other side, that Alvarez will be honored in the next party as a local of Catholic. The instance is worthwhile. The goal is to give another homage to the right side. A more elaborate, but emotive one.

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