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The man who rescued Michael Schumacher revealed details of the accident suffered by the expilot | sports


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Jose Luis Roca I Agence France Presse

The man who attended Michael Schumacher That December 29, 2013, after the German accident in the French Alps, broke the silence and revealed unpublished details of what happened that day.

The commander in charge Stephane Bozon, who called the helicopter who moved to the hospital, told the events that happened in the alpine resort of Méribel.

"We received the call from the mountain rescuers, who took care of Michael Schumacher on the track. They told us that he landed on his head and suffered a serious injury to it. Immediately I dispatched the helicopter," he goes say in an interview with the Focus Online portal.

"The first respondents to the call just said that, because of the accident site next to the track, it was difficult to transport it with caution. And it was clear that (what he had past) was very serious, otherwise we would not have used the helicopter. Mr. Schumacher was even lucky ", He added.

In addition, Bozon explained that the accident could have ended much worse, since during this time in the Alps helicopter operations are performed.

"The accident happened in the middle of the season and at this time there are several simultaneous missions that require a helicopter (…) But at that time there was no other use, so that immediately there was a helicopter available. We did not have to wait. It could have been worse for him if we had not been there right away, "he added.

"We knew it was a very serious injury," own up. "But he lives (…) I was there on the next day, I took pictures, talked with experts. I also saw the stone that Schumacher choked with his skis and the stone that ended up beating his head" , he commented.

"Schumacher was clearly off the track at this time," Bozon said: "But a few meters away. However, the ski resort operator is not to blame. Because those who It's driving off the tracks is at your own risk, "he closed.

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