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The model that listed Quinteros


"My teams try to play soccer associate, of protagonism in any situation, as a local or visitor". So he described in third Gustavo Quinteros himself has the idea of ​​a game that he will try to bring to the Catholic University, his new club.

As a coach, the Bolivian nationalized Argentinian tried to capture it in the selections of Bolivia, Ecuador and Emelec, among others. And more or less successful, the truth is that at least the casts where the personal stamp of the DT has been exhibited.

"Gustavo always starts his teams based on the order, there is no other. And within this order, he always tries, and he is something that he likes a lot, to play for the bands. It is without a doubt the overriding idea, "says Germán Corengia, former Quinteros assistant in the Ecuadorian team and the two Arab clubs that he directed.

In this sense, those who have worked with him or have studied their way of working, explain that their systems, preferably, will be similar to those used by Sant Josep, with a line of four defenses, two central steering wheels with good pilot handling , two fast flyers on the outside, plus two & # 39 ;, as you did in Ecuador. Or, well, he'll use the 4-2-3-1 variant, which at the time of defending is transformed into a 4-4-1-1.

Ronald Raldes, former defender and who was led by Quinteros in the selection of Bolivia, agrees that in the "strategist" he likes that the teams he drives begin to build from defense forwards, with much of order ".

"There will not be much difference with Beñat here, but in the work with a ball he will have a few more variants, with nuances in attack and not depend so much on individuality," explains, on the other hand, Francisco Pérez, # 39; INAF and currently devoted to analyze football through the Tactical Concept.

Experts agree that the new student coach is very concerned about defensive control, paying much attention to the saga and then focusing on the offensive. They also say that it will be essential to have the right performers to carry out the idea, with fast players that can go outside. "What Gustavo proposes is always thinking about the offensive, the idea is generally offensive. Try to play in the opposite field," adds Corengia.

Perez stresses that it will be vital "to find those external who have to complete the entire route". This, because in the paper, what Quinteros likes to do is generate the two against one constantly, with fast players that support the breaks of the sides of the defensive line, to accompany the pointer or external steering wheel, and thus clarify the arrivals . In this regard, it seems essential that the remaining signings comply with these conditions to play well on the outside.

"Gustavo almost always tries to play in the same way, at home or on a visit, against the rival who is put to the front, big or boy," he explored his former assistant.

Regarding the recovery of the ball, Raldés recalls that his former player liked it, when he did not have the ball, "to press more or less in the middle of the track", which is not to run much up to the rival centers. "In general, we did so in the middle zone and here, when we recovered, we tried to unbalance."

Thus, Corengia made a difference to his boss at Beñat Sant Josep: "Maybe San Jose changed depending on the opponent, or if he played for a visit or a place. And Gustavo always wants to keep that idea of ​​what we have been talking about, using the bands, Do not press on top, order from behind. You will always do everything at your fingertips so that your idea is imposed. "

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