Sunday , May 22 2022

the most advanced GoPro camera in history – Vorld Online


The best action camera on the market has been restored with a new release that significantly improves the quality of the video. The HERO7 Black Raises performance GoPro to a whole new level, which includes technologies that allow you to get incredibly clear content, Super Stable TimeVarp and intelligently optimized photos. It also includes the first time Live Streming via Facebook, among other innovations.

To live more adventure, the main newspaper HERO7 Black is a super stabilization of the digital image or "Hipersmooth" with the ability to shoot at 4K / 60p. To achieve the best video clips, this feature allows you to get stable videos without using any instrument to achieve it. The last is that the camera anticipates the movement and corrects them, thus avoiding vibrations. This way, you get incredibly clear and professional content.

As a result of a strong stabilizer and without the need to use one additional accessory, GoPro HERO7 Black It captures super-stabilized sequential video clips even when moving around the scene, allowing you to record videos up to 30 times faster using a quick filter. This technique is called TimeVarp, where, via multiple photos, video footage is recorded on the move at an accelerated time, for example, walking around the streets or riding a bicycle through the hills.

Share stories while you live Live Streaming, it is already possible with the new one HERO7 Black, First GoPro They can live on platforms such as IouTube, Facebook or Tvitch. With this innovation, the device becomes a very practical element of social networks.

Another feature is a new mode called SuperFoto: sharper and brighter images automatically. With SuperFoto HERO7 Black intelligently applies HDR, local tone mapping, or noise reduction to get incredible photos with any lighting. The technique is that it manages to combine several digital processes in order to achieve a more spectacular look in the photographs.

In this version, we also discover that it is HERO7 Black You can record vertical images, that is, photos and videos in an ideal portrait orientation for Snapchat and Instagram stories. Add this voice control, where you do not need to use your hands, we can control the camera using instructions such as "GoPro captures an image" or "GoPro Video recorder". GoPro HERO7 Black It also has the ability to sink deep to 10 meters without the need for a housing.

GoPro HERO7 Black It holds a 2-inch touch screen and a 1220 mAh battery. It has a value of $ 329,000. In addition, it can also be found in two other formats: Silver and Whites.

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