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the mutations of Canela and Wario and the extraordinary crown of King K. Rool


One month after its launch, Super Smash Bros Ultimate continues to fascinate Switch players. Just enough to continue exploring the possibilities that arise when they hit their 74 fighters in unpredictable scenarios, getting delusional results in the process.

In VidaExtra we saw two glitches with Cinnamon in which she could achieve such spectacular feats that would be able to turn a fight or to get rid of the game, although – fortunately – the circumstances to activate were really concrete.

Now it is possible to see Two effects that will not break your tripBut they are extremely curious. Because some wrestlers not only radiate Nintendera magic: they are also capable of making voodoo magic.

Shrugging heads with Canela and Wario

We start with a curiosity that, in a way, reveals to us how to get some of the tricks of the game and the versatility that have the models of the characters: with the right movement of Canela or Wario we can see how the heads of our rivals are shrouded as if it were a Vudú curse.

To see this effect, you just need to use the Animal Crossing wizard network or ingest our enemies with the Mario Alter Ego. If during the process we pause the game and We play with the camera until we pass through the body of our fighterWe will see how the heads and some limbs are surreptitiously.

One thing that is clear in this video of the chain of The Eggbuster.

Moreover, in some cases, with the Canela network, the head and limbs even disappear. And to sample, the next video of Master Of Hyrule.

In the end it is about # 39; a programming trick On the part of Nintendo because the models are not superimposed, so that contracting certain parts of the body of the fighters gets the illusion that they have been trapped. You will not see them again again when you execute these attacks.

Make King K. Rool's crown larger than a home

This second case could be considered a glitch, although not bad enough to sentence a game. For example, to activate – we will need a set of mushroom and two green wrestlers with a huge appetite: King K. Rool and Yoshi.

The method is extremely simple: When we have King K. Rool with increased size, it will be enough to use your special movement with which the crown is thrown. Now, just before he retrieves it, Yoshi has to swallow it and make it an egg.

via Gfycat

The result? As you will see in the video above (via Dualshockers), the crown will be even larger than the one originally brought by King K. Rool. And if Yoshi is made with another Mushroom while holding it in his hand, he will achieve its maximum dimensions, exceeding the size of a house.

While the system to shrink the characters is one of the many tricks of the game that in normal circumstances are disguised, the second of the effects It may be adjusted to a future update. In fact, when you read these lines it might have been corrected.


Which does not stop you from looking New programming tricks or even curious effects.

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