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The Nokia September appears leaked in one of the official images


One of the most anticipated mobiles of 2018 was Nokia 9. In the absence of weeks for its official presenter, the well-known filtering Evleaks has shown one of the promotional images of this particular device. 5 cameras, Android One and no-notch design.

That would finally be the expected Nokia September

The return of Nokia to the smartphone market has been one of the most anticipated returns. Today, it is the only manufacturer that bases its entire product line on Android One, so it has not been very difficult for Android fans to have the Finnish manufacturer in good esteem

Nokia September hoped to be the high end terminal with which we expected Nokia to close the year, but it seems that it would finally come to light in January. Today we know a new image, thanks to the famous Evleaks filter.

It is true that none of the details of the filtered promotional images appear in the old leaks.

This filtration corresponds to the press images, filtration that makes us think that the presentation of this terminal is really imminent. In this image we know in detail Some of the best features on this mobile.

  • It has no notch: In recent months we have seen a multitude of leaks that indicated that the screen would have notch, While others indicated that no. Finally it seems that he will not have it, for happiness and disappointment for others.
  • Android One is: It's not a big surprise, since the entire Nokia product line is based on Android One. However, it is the first image we see on Nokia 9 with the logo of Android One.
  • Has fingerprint reader on screen: It is also the first time we can see that this terminal will have fingerprint reader on screen.
  • Your name is key Behold.

Of course, the most intriguing feature we have is its 5 cameras. It is their most outstanding aspect, and the good or bad performance of these cameras will be very important to determine their success.

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