Tuesday , May 18 2021

The plan was to castrate, not to kill Correa's player: witness

BRAZIL.- One of the suspects in the murder, Brazilian footballer Daniel Correa Freitas, revealed new details about the night of the crime. Eduardo Henrikue da Silva, 19, one of the last prisoners for the death of San Pablo, said his intention was initially He was castrating the player and not killing himself.

According to Globoesporte, Edson Stadler's attorney, Edson Stadler, said his client and two others were with Edison Brittes, the author of the murder, all the way to the rural area of ​​Sao Jose dos Pinhais, where the body was found. Daniel, reports Infobae.

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Eduardo Henrikue da Silva, cousin Cristiana Brittes, a woman who accused the player of raping her, was arrested at her home in Foz do Iguacu and testified at the San Jose de los Pinhais police station.

His lawyer said that they all abandoned Edison's house, where he allegedly tried to mislead Christian Britte after celebrating a 15-year-old fun with a footballer in the boot compartment and that he intended to castrate it and then go away. In the car were also Igor King, 19 and David Villian da Silva, 18, who then turned into police.

But, according to his statement, everything changed when Edison Brittes saw his photos of Correa with his wife, the ones that the player has taken with the woman who sleeps in bed to send them to their friends. Then Brittes stopped his vehicle, went to the luggage where Correa was and attacked him on the neck. After that, he cut off the genitals.

Eduardo Henrikue da Silva's testimony differs from other witnesses, Ioghar and David, who claimed to be in the vehicle but did not take part in the death because they remained in the vehicle during the entire crime.

Daniel Correa Freitas, 24, was announced on October 27 in the Kuritiba region. The police are still investigating the events of the night when he was without life and tortured.

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