Saturday , April 17 2021

The time of Jarry i Garin

Five years passed from the first Davis Cup series under the command of Nicolás Massú. It was defeated by 3-2 against Barbados, with a Chilean team that was presented with a totally renewed training.

At 17, Christian Garin was the one who had more experience representing the country, because he already added 3 disputed confrontations.

In 2012, in the repechaje before Italy, Belus Prajoux, the captain of that time, had made his debut. "He was 16 years old when he played against Bolelli, and he had to start throwing him out of the fireplace and both, Garin and Jarry, were top 10 of junior players and with a game of a lot of projection," explains the coach, that 2013 gave him the opportunity to premiere Nico against the Dominican Republic. Years before, he also convened Marcelo Rius for the first time.

Today, Garin and Jarry enjoy another one for the state in the circuit and hope to ratify it in the Davis Cup. The series against Austria, in Salzburg, is presented as an ideal to erase the sad memories of the defeats against Colombia and Argentina in recent years. Without Dominic Thiem in the premises, the Chilean team takes the lead as a favorite just because of the experience accumulated by the Prince and the Tank.

Paul Capdeville, who in its final stage agreed with the two promises, remembers how the beginnings of both were. "In the case of Christian, we all saw that he had great potential. Against Ecuador he was about to win, but the game started off and then this generated enough doubts in the subsequent confrontations. But now he looks very good" , affirms the number 76 of the world.

In the case of Jarry, Vitacura said: "From the beginning it hit very hard and gave you a little pace. It was maturing its game. Now it is a much more complete player, with several great It slams into the body and has been in very high instances in the ATP tournaments. This gives you another baggage in front of Austria. "

Regarding what happens to Europeans, Capdeville sees good chances. "Yes, I think playing for a visit is always difficult and it is not so good to be a favorite, but it's part of the learning," he says.

Already with 13 series in the body, in the case of Garin, and nine in Jarry's, the expectations are very different from when they started.

"As for evolution, they both entered the world elite. Obviously with some times of gap, Jarry's was meteoric, while Christian managed the times and it took a little longer," says Mario Soto, Pico de Nico and who worked with the Tank in its beginnings in the circuit.

From the physical point of view, the trainer emphasizes the conditions that have been developing: "Christian always had the potential, a great force, quite quickly and the ability to anticipate the moves. Nico, on the other hand, has a great coordination and he is very successful with the feet at the moment of impacting the ball. He has also won in resistance thanks to the ATP circuit games. "

Soto does not hesitate at the time of favoritism. "Being Thiem or not, I liked boys as well. I already have experience and win. I think it will be a very good year for the Chilean tennis," he said.

Starting at 11.00 (from Chile), he will begin to write a new page in the history of the Chilean tennis, where Jarry and Garin have an unbeatable chance of fulfilling the initial dream of reaching the November party, where they will be better

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