Monday , March 8 2021

They discover important security failure in FaceTime – Technology and Science

They discover important security failure in FaceTime

The failure raises concerns about the confidentiality of the Apple video call application.

A security breach recently discovered in FaceTime – The video call app of Apple It allows the user to listen to and even see their caller on an iPhone before they even have responded, which raises problems about the confidentiality of the system.

The "##" error, noted first on the Apple web site, was also reflected in various media.

A video uploaded to the Twitter @BmManski account shows the ease with which this bug allows you to listen to the sound from an iPhone connected via FaceTime. On Monday night, the video had been seen more than a million times and shared about 10,000 times in California.

Twitter users explained to the social network how to deactivate FaceTime, until you provide a correction.

A Apple support page indicates that the FaceTime group is "temporarily unavailable" from 19h16 local (03:16 GMT) due to an ongoing "problem", which is not & # 39; ; specify

A Apple statement, quoted in the US media, claims that the iPhone manufacturer is aware of the problem and has "identified a correction that will be introduced in an update of the computer program during the course of the week ".

Depending on videos uploaded to Twitter, when a person dials a phone number on FaceTime, you can opt for a screen for an option with the goal of adding an interlocutor. This group call starts even if the partner has not responded yet.

"Turn FaceTime off for the moment, until it is fixed by Apple" advised Jack Dorsey, the cofounder of Twitter, in a message posted on the social network.

No Apple manager had reacted Monday night.


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