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They perform for the first time a rapid test of HIV to prison inmates of Talca –


Up to the Talca Penitentiary Compliance Center (C.C.P) the MAULEY Health SEREMI team visited the Sida Maule NGO to perform the rapid Test for HIV interns. The initiative, which is given for the first time in the region within a criminal unit, was developed around the annual commemoration of Candlelight or "Ceremony of the Sails", in which all those people who died of AIDS are remembered.

Talca's Chief of the CCP, Colonel Alexis Espinoza, explained that Gendarmeria has always worked in the interior of the precincts for HIV prevention, with workshops for both freelancers and civil servants and officials. "We We have a health team and every year activities are carried out, which is not just HIV prevention. We also received operational talks on alcohol and drugs, "he also explained that interns have reacted well in what they do to these workshops.

For its part, the Seremi of Health of the Maule, Marlenne Durán, has indicated that "we are doing this activity in a group that is at risk, and also calling on the population to access fast tests, which are free in Primary care network We know that HIV cases have increased, which seems coherent given the increase in the perquisition that you have done. We are interested in reaching all possible places and enter treatment to all those who need it ".

It should be noted that at the regional level there are 11 cases of people carrying HIV in the penitentiary, those who have access to controls and the delivery of treatments. Similarly, in the Maule 219 cases were detected in 2018 and in the first months of 2019, 39; reported 78 cases.

Elvis Hernández, one of the Gendarmerie users who performed the fast test, said: "I think it's a way to do the super-fast test, which is an ease that is given here (…) It is free and voluntary, to know if one is ill, so you know you have this type of illness and you can take care of yourself. " He also stated that he would like this initiative to reach the whole region.

In the instance, space was also dedicated to a charlapara who participated in this process, where he explained the correct use of condoms, HIV prevention methods and others Sexually transmitted diseases (MTS).

About this, Michael Díaz, the executive secretary of the National Coordinator of the NGO Sida Maule, explained the importance of the work that is being carried out: "We have organized a session of test access, because we consider There are two things that should go hand in hand, prevention of a band and the diagnosis of the other, especially in a key population. "

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