Wednesday , September 28 2022

Thus, the "dancer" Daniela Aránguiz was at the age of 17


A recent fashion has emerged in Instagram And the famous ones have adopted quickly. It consists of publishing an old photograph and comparing it with one current to see the change. It's nothing new, but today is a whole trend.

Who added to this fad is Daniela Aránguiz, The user-friendly network of social networks that has more than 500 thousand followers to your Instagram account.

And that was how, through the stories, He shared a picture of when he was only 17 years old, Comparing it with when it was 30 years old.

The first photograph would correspond when Aránguiz participated in Mekano and had a very characteristic look of the 2000s.

Instagram Daniela Aránguiz

While in the second, just 2 years ago, It looked completely different.

Instagram Daniela Aránguiz

Do you think the passing age has done well?

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