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Use the Mellomovimiento in an oasis of truckers, a ice cream shop and a lake in Fortnite

Use the Mellomovimiento in an oasis of truck drivers, a gelatería and a frozen lake It is the last challenge of the event Time of the Fortnite show which began yesterday along with week 9 season 7. This is the event that will end on Saturday with a live "show" of Marshmello at Parc Plaent.

This challenge requires in the first place that we know where is the trucking oasis in Fortnite, Afterwards Find a Ice Cream Parlor at Fortnite And fear for a frozen lake something that we will detail you with great luxury in this guide.

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Use the Mellomovimiento in an oasis of truck drivers, a ice cream shop and a frozen lake in Fortnite

To complete the challenge, you just have to complete the previous one, visit the show's precinct, to unlock the emotional Mellomovimiento, necessary to overcome this other challenge. Remember to equip before returning from the battle bus, since you have to use it in three different places on the map.

You can visit the three points in the order you want, and even with the help of an AlaTormenta airplane complete it in a single game. We will explain here how to overcome it in order, but keep in mind that you can start with frozen milk …

Where to find the truck oases at Fortnite

The first destination, as the name goes by, is in the desert zone of the map, to the extreme southwest of the area. Here you will find a gas station with many trucks around. In case you do not locate it, this is the point of the map …

where is the oasis of fortnite truck drivers

As we have said, you just have to use the emotional Mellomovimiento at any point, but always in this service station (you have to step on it, whether it's the roof or the asphalt).

uses enhancement in oasis of fortnite camioners

Where to find ice cream in Fortnite

If you go a bit further north-east, also in the desert area, you'll find ice-cream just in front of the racing circuit. We marked it on this map below, although it has no loss …

where is the ice cream shop fortnite

Look here, because if you dive out of ice cream, you can not count. If you land on the roof, here it is worth it. Or even in the interior …

uses hobomovimiento in ice cream fortnite lake

Where to find the frozen lake in Fortnite

As the name progresses, it is in the frozen area. It is the great ice extent in which the roofs of some houses are removed from the head. In case you do not find yourself, we'll show it on the map below.

where is the frozen fortnite lake

Because it's such a large extension, you can dance at any point. Here we have not had the problem to achieve the challenge.

uses hobomovimiento in ice cream fortnite lake

When you visit and use the emotional one in the three zones, you will get a new peak reward, in particular the one below …

uses reward fortnite enhancement

Now you know how to complete uses the Mellomovimiento in an oasis of truck drivers, a gelateria and a frozen lake in Fortnite, The third and final challenge of the new show Time of show. If you need more help with the event, we've also told you how to overcome looking for a show time sign and visit the Show Time Center. And we also explain how to overcome the challenges of week 9 season 7, as it danced on a sundial, a cup of giant coffee and a giant metallic dog head, exploits 10 golden balloons or complete race against the clock with an AlaTormenta X-4 aircraft.

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