Saturday , April 17 2021

"Vaginal Orange": academic performance unworthy of students and the Mineduc

An amazing controversy shakes the University of AntofagastaAfter knowing a video in which an academic appears defending through a stranger performance to one of his colleagues, who is summarized by sexual harassment and sexist language.

The initial case goes back to the feminist mobilizations of the last year in the Antofagasta Region, where the academic of the Department of Biotechnology Mario Esparza he was subjected to one summary for complaints of sexual harassment and sexist language, Among other situations.

It is in this scenario, the President of the Association of Academics of the University of Antofagasta, Eliseo MartínezHe posted on YouTube a video in which he defends his colleague against what he describes as a "infamy".

In the registry, he accuses that the summary refers to "existing puritanism" and mentions the teachings of Esparza, to assimilate one orange with a vagina.

"Dr. Esparza is accused of talking about the vaginal orange & # 39; in a YouTube channel, and is said to be highly sexualized, which is inconvenient, which breaks ethical questions about their students to show an orange in the form of a vagina (…) If you put the word "orange-vagina" on the internet, you'll find dozens of videos of this type. For example, they can find a feminist Stephanie Sarley that goes beyond what Dr. Esparza does, about the similarity of the orange and the vagina. The feminist Stephanie Sarley teaches to masturbate, to show sexuality, touching the woman's clitoris through the orange, "Martínez exposes.

"I can not repeat what Dr. Esparza did about this orange, (…) I will do something much more daring. highly provocative", Adds the teacher to the record, while It simulates making oral sex an orange halving. picture foto_00000032

In the record, which lasts around 15 minutes, the professor also shows pre-Columbian images in erotic positions.

"I am using a language perhaps much more daring, following the same route of Puritanism, I have to be summarized. But undoubtedly, all this, all this sexuality, all this strongly sexual language, I have put it in an intellectual context that I'm sure I will not receive a summary punishment for this"He said.

picture foto_00000016

Indignation to Mineduc

The situation provoked indignation among the students of the University of Antofagasta, who asked the Rector of the University to divinely to Martinez and take steps to keep him away from the students.

Claims came to Ministry of Education and motivate a public statement of Marcela Cubillos.

"There are internal summaries being carried out at the University, though We find it especially serious what has been known today: That aside from the investigation of a professor who incurs in said and in sexist action or of violence, At the same time, there are academics like the one we have seen today, which goes out to defend it in this way"The minister said.

"We have asked the Ministry, at the Higher Education Division, who works at the University to give us the information, The details of what has happened and the measures they are taking for proper investigation and sanction. "

The students of the establishment announced mobilizations for March if they did not disagree with "provocative" Professor Martinez.

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