Friday , February 26 2021

"We vindicate those who took the armed defense against abuse"

Through a two-sided letter, Quintana and Santibáñez responded to the questions the government spokesman made to post-post celebrations. Cecilia Pérez argued that this was a "lack of respect for democracy".

Through a letter, Carmen Gloria Quintana and Maria Pau Santibáñez responded to the questions asked by yesterday's government, In front of the celebration of the rejection of the extradition of Ricardo Palma Salamanca by the French government.

Far from considering that it is a "lack of respect for democracy", as Minister Cecilia Pérez said, they assured that "The image of the celebration of the decision speaks of celebrating life and justice. What is so lacking in Chile that he mistreated us and that he has not given us justice and so many others. "

"It speaks that above political negotiations and a justice in the" measure of possible ", there is the universal right, which is the fundamental legal basis of a State of Law," they argue in the letter in two facets.

In the same way, they assured that "We vindicate all those who fought to recover democracy, without exception. Those who called" clean hands ", those They conducted negotiations, those who took the armed defense against the abuse of power of the devices that made state terrorism. "

"We will never celebrate death. People who call us" morality "say: we choose to position ourselves from the defense of human rights, life and democracy. France is the cradle of human rights, the that he claims and recognizes for Ricardo Palma Salamanca a fundamental human right: the right to a fair trial. We reclaim life and dignity of people. Ricardo France has given him dignity ", they underlined the two women, who go to provide next to the exfrentista after the sentence.

They also reminded the minister and anyone who could know the case: "As the sentence that denies its extradition, we greeted, the fundamental guarantees of Palma Salamanca were violated at no having the right to a fair trial; & # 39;; Ricardo & # 39; did not have a trial and conviction according to the Code of Criminal Procedure, so the extradition lawsuit has no base & # 39; ".

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