Thursday , December 9 2021

"We will fight to the last date"


The error of Johnny Herrera almost cost the win at the Universidad de Chile in his visit to San Luis de Cuillot. However, the blue reactions and the discounts managed to take all three points. The goalkeeper and captain spoke of the significance of the victory, in addition to his view of the penalty that meant a temporary Canary connection.

"We had to close the game before, to score 2-0, but these are the performances that are going on. After we left with everything to the top and we got the result that leaves us expected. I'm sure we will fight to the last date and who knows if we can play finals. "

The goalkeeper was suspended by a yellow accumulation, so he would miss the duel in which the Sport Ikuikue would swim, but said he believed Fernando de Paul to replace him.

One in charge of marking the maximum punishment, which meant a blue triumph, was Gonzalo Espinoza, who noticed a psychological blow that meant a triumph. "My colleagues believed me and I had to answer, but the group responded to a very difficult game, but we were superior. We know that we are close, but no matter what others are doing now, we have to think about Ikuikue. you have to make sure you are ready to fight the championship, "said the author of the winning goal.

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