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What Freddie Mercury meant in the "Bohemian Rhapsody", the iconic work of the queen

It's one of the iconic themes The Queen, to the point that the film is inspired by the life and part of its leader, Freddie Mercuri, is inspired to take his name.

However, composition Bohemian Rhapsodi It's so rich that it gives many interpretations, like the one with which professor and music promoter Marcelo Arce shared Confessions in the night, a cycle that Cristina Perez drive on Radio Miter.

Arce's analysis, which brought him three years of research and was accepted by the Parlophone Peal of The Queen in 2007, he shelled the subject through his various phrases.

In the case of Is this a real life? Is this just a fantasy?, Maple says that "the horror will constantly speak behind the work, the phrase of romanticism that he used." Shakespeare – "Anyway, the wind blows", – which means the wind that carries the soul of cigars into paradise. "

As far as the work is concerned Mom, just killed a manThe teacher interprets that "the other part of the ballad". "He, as he knows so much about the opera, talks to" Mom ", which is Mamma Lucia, the protagonist of the opera from 1890, Cavalleria Rusticana, based on the actual fact, "he adds.

"Behind the wind sounds, the constant of all the work. Then the text is identical to the last verses of the character Turidu, the same job, when he meets a mother and knows that he will die, "he explains.

"The voice on the perfect guitar Brian Maya is the voice Mamma Lucia crying for his son whom he wants to save his soul if he was wrong, saying the phrase he learned, "he says for the guitar solo.

As for the phrase to pray I see a small silhouette of a man, the music disseminator explained: "Tunnel begins, he will go to the devil waiting for him. Show me Scaramouche, cynical character Commedia dell & Arte; the Fandango, dance of American origin; Galileo, for Galileo who suffered a false trial of the Inquisition of the Catholic Church; Figaro For Figaro wedding of Mozart; Magically, for a piece of music JSebastian Bach i Bismillah, the word used in Islam means "in the name of Allah," one of the oldest evocations of God.

About the phrase So you think you can stonewall me and spit into my eye?, Maple He claimed that "we are now entering the alliance that he made with the devil" and that "the only part of the work is coming".

"The devil appears, the same Merkur changes his voice and tell the boy not to believe that he will be able to draw in the face and leave more, "he adds.

"It is called Bohemian because it should be Bohemian The pact is celebrated in the tavern, between Faust and the devil, "he specifically analyzed the title.

Finally, quoting the phrase Nothing matters, everyone can see, Arce analyzed that "guitar Brian Maya is performing a fragment of mass Gregorian of the angel. Freddie He dies and says goodbye, but he saved his soul. "

"The angels are shoving their heads because they lost their protégé," in any way the wind blows, "as well as in the whole work," he concluded.

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