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What is quantum medicine and what tools does it use?


  • In conversation with the newspaper, Dr. Florelba Mendoza stated that quantum medicine uses techniques such as enzyme therapy and crystal therapy to address any ailment, including covid-19. Photo: Biofeedback

Although it has been around for decades and provides notorious results in a short time, quantum medicine remains unknown to many people in Venezuela. Named in other countries as “integral medicine,” it focuses on restoring both the afflictions of the physical body and those of the mind and energy field of every living thing.

In an exclusive interview for the newspaper, Florelba Mendoza, a quantum doctor with more than 30 years of experience, explained the tools used by this profession, its characteristics and the way it acts in patients.

Quantum medicine is based on the use of vegetables, fruits, mineral salts, crystal therapy and enzyme therapy (or jugotherapy). (…) It works for all sufferings and diseases. The premise of this type of medicine is to improve the well-being of people without damaging the delicate balance of life. ” -Florelba Mendoza, quantum doctor and specialist in multiple medicinal practices.

Christ therapy and enzyme therapy

Crystal therapy is, as Mendoza pointed out, a medicinal practice that uses medical units (glasses) designed in laboratories with properties of quartz and precious stones to make a dialysis (cleansing) of the body’s energy. This allows the “damaged” energy to be removed and replaced with light energy emitted by the properties of the glass.

Another fundamental practice of quantum medicine is enzyme therapy or jugotherapy; this consists of consuming certain fruit juices to exact measurements so that they behave as a dose of medication. One of these is the combination of the juice of the milky (or papaya) with carrot and serves to nourish and detoxify the whole system of assimilation (digestive). This is taken in doses, for example: 70 cc of milky with 30 cc of carrot (about half a glass), three times a week on alternate days.

Florelba Mendoza attending to a quantum medicine patient Photo: Courtesy.

A complement to traditional medicine

Quantum medicine is sometimes called “alternative medicine.” However, Mendoza differs from the latter definition, as, he explains, they do not have to be detached or replaced with each other. In his view, the appropriate way to refer to it is complementary medicine, as it must go hand in hand with allopathic medicine (the most common).

Origin of the term. Quantum medicine owes its name to quantum, a subatomic particle that is the smallest unit of detectable energy.

Mendoza, who is also a chiropractor, neural therapist and acupuncturist, explained that all quantum doctors, before studying this specialty, must have a degree in Medicine from any university. Then, he continued, with all the knowledge acquired in traditional medicine about the physical body, you can delve into the other half of people: “the energy body,” and this is where quantum medicine comes into play.

The energy body works like radio and television waves – you don’t see them and yet they are everywhere. The energy body has structure (so it has an anatomy), it has functions (so it has physiology); when the structure or functions are damaged, an energetic pathophysiology appears, that is, a disease “. -Florelba Mendoza, quantum doctor and specialist in multiple medicinal practices.

He stated that allopathic medicine tends to have side effects. He gave as an example a patient who is prescribed steroids for some pathology, which can affect the functioning and state of their hormones, produce glaucoma, raise their blood pressure, among other consequences. He assured that this does not happen with quantum medicine because it is totally natural.

Other advantages of quantum medicine mentioned by Mendoza are:

Very rarely it causes curative crises (temporary increase in the symptomatology of the disease).
In almost all cases it gives results quickly.
It purifies the energies of patients.

Precious glasses Photo: Getty Images.

The origin of quantum medicine

This branch of medicine arose approximately 50 years ago, through the studies and contributions of the specialist Maria de Socorro Pérez Farfán, better known as Marla (she died on September 21, 2021 at the age of 89) . She was responsible for disseminating knowledge of integral (or quantum) medicine at the Kardem Study Center, located in Zapopan, Mexico. There Florelba Mendoza specialized, who graduated in Medicine from the University of Carabobo, Venezuela.

After Marla left, her children and grandchildren, several of them doctors, chemists and psychologists, were left in charge of Kardem’s comprehensive medicine laboratory.

Quantum medicine: can be applied to covid-19

The specialist commented that covid-19 did not directly affect quantum medicine professionals, but the radical quarantine of the first months decreased the fluidity of patients. He also said that, from this area of ​​health, developed some processes to counteract virus afflictions.

Price. Quantum physician Florelba Mendoza cares for her patients in Caracas and Valencia; the value of the general consultation is $ 25, while the rest of the costs vary depending on the afflictions and treatments required by each patient.

“We have a treatment for covid-19 combining crystal therapy with quantum medicine treatment schemes. We also have post-vaccine treatments to detoxify the body of the harmful part that these substances may have,” he noted.

Delimit that just as there are treatments for coronavirus, there are also several to strengthen the immune system, cleanse the body of other viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, among other ailments. This is complemented by what he calls “lifestyle habits”: walking, breathing well, and doing activities like free tai chi; this last practice serves to unify the magnetic fields within the body, so that when rotating the energetic currents, they can flow correctly.

One of the main tips of quantum medicine is to always take drinking water and not boiled, as the second is dead water, inert and does not hydrate properly.

Natural juices Photo: Getty Images.

The adaptation of quantum medicine to Venezuelan difficulties

According to Mendoza, medicines made especially for quantum treatments come from Mexico. However, due to the general crisis facing Venezuela, distributors left the country.

The difficulty in obtaining resources led the doctor to homeopathize quantum medicine, that is, to use drugs for daily use and process them to extract the vibrational frequency from them and reject all the harmful or “collateral” part. as he calls it. This requires the assistance of specialized centers, such as the Car Pharmacy or the Belladonna Pharmacy. Any allopathic or other medicine can be used.

“The idea is to cover a good treatment at a modest price. That’s why the glasses are used, and the patient can go to the quantum doctor once, two or three times a week for an hour, half an hour, twenty minutes, everything depending on the amount and type of glass it requires for the pathology, ”he said.

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