Sunday , October 2 2022

White Hadid was criticized for his weakness



The underwear company Victoria's Secret Yesterday he celebrated his polemic parade, criticized by the idea of ​​beauty he proposes in the city of New York, but also in social networks, where his models allowed him to look at the details of the events that will be broadcast on television within a month.

The preparation of 60 young "angels" lasted for several hours, and up to 15,000 followers of the company in Instagram they saw behind the scenes how they were cut Bella Hadid or they invented Marta Hunt, dressed in dark satin clothes and openly nervous.

Just Hadid, with a photo on that platform that caused concern over her weakness, has been feeding controversy over the lack of physical diversity that usually surrounds this catwalk, and Australian model Robin Lavlei publicly publicly this year.

Lavlei runs an online petition, signed by nearly nine thousand people, in which Victoria's Secret asks her to choose models of different shapes and sizes, as she "told women almost 30 years ago that there is only one nice type of body".

On the other hand, Bella's sister, Gigi Hadid, who suffers from a thyroid gland, and has been criticized for physical changes in the past, thanked her behind the scenes that fans "made her feel good about this show."

A live connection of social networks was interrupted precisely when a fellow traveler asked Gigi what his "secret" was, although he had heard it called "youth", a common feature among the "angels".

In that sense, it stands out as one of the most wanted in Brazil's Adriana Lima (37 years old) after the stars felt "wings" like Alessandra Ambrosio (37) and Giselle Bundchen (38) and made the way for a new generation of sisters Hadid and Kendall Jenner, the famous "influencers".

Fukya's carpet in New York this morning did not go through the Spanish models, but Sweden's Elsa Hosk, chosen to wear the bra that looks most attractive, said: "Fantasy", designed by Svarovski, is covered with 2,100 diamonds and one million dollars.

Hosk also discovered that he would wear a set inspired by the shooting star, with 125,000 crystals that would be reflected in mirrors that surrounded the pedestrian network.

Also, in background there was a Greek designer Mari Katrantzou, who worked in a collection of capsules with pieces of lingerie or sport covered with his symbolic prints, in this case colorful flowers.

The Victoria's Secret Parade usually excites for their musical performances, including actress Shavn Mendes, Rita Ora, Bebe Rekha, Halsei or Kelsea Ballerini, as well as the The Chainsmokers duo and the rock band The Struts.

After moving to China last year, where he tried to strengthen the market and has problems with visas for models and artists, today's fashion brand has returned the "shov" to the same Big Apple debut in 1995.

With the magnetism of the model and the singer of the moment and good doses of gloss, feather and "glamor," Victoria's Secret seeks next December 2 in front of a television with an audience counted for millions but has fallen in the last year

Owned by Branda, which was closed last year by Henri Bendel, the company also aims to surprise analysts like Jefferies, who ask "why the parade is still glorious" when "the consumer is no longer identified with supermodels."


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