Thursday , October 28 2021

Why headache is more burdened with the female gender


Although for the majority of the people the headaches are a common malaise, the women can be more prone than the men by hormonal reasons.

These episodes, he stressed, are more concerned with the female gender than the male, both tension-headache, and migraine, and there is no specific age to suffer.

The specialist explained that there are different types of headache in the headache, of which 90% are called primary, that is, they are not caused by specific suffering, while the remaining 10% of the headaches are of secondary type, that is, all those headaches that are caused by aneurysms, brain hemorrhages and sufferings.

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He indicated that migraine headache, considered the most frequent, has a greater relationship between men and women, and affects half the head, either on the left side, on the right side, sometimes at the frontal location and is of a character pulsative

Intensity increases with Physical activity, with symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, nuisance of noise and light.

Meanwhile, tensioning headache manifests itself in the part of the temporal, in the parietal part of the skull, it is more of an oppressive character, it occurs constantly and the intensity is mild to moderate.

They accompany nausea or vomiting, or have a feeling of dizziness, but are less intense in reference to the patient suffering from migraine.

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He stressed that you should go to the doctor when a headache begins to have an affection on the quality of life of the patient, when he begins to try to control his pain with an analgesic abuse and take them indiscriminately.

And, unlike what is believed, Many times the chronic consumption of these painkillers can become chronic or worsen headache, With information from Notimex.

Watch your diet
The neurologist has also indicated that migraine patients can trigger an episode with some foods, such as chocolate, coffee, alcohol, red wine or foods that contain monosodium glutamate, such as soup, sauce Soy, among others, according to Horizon information.

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