Monday , September 26 2022

will follow steps of renowned program exemption


The talent program "red"He informed at the beginning of the month that he would have a new format for the summer season, So they will take a short break.

However, none of the executives expected the Tahitian Toarii Valantin will cancel for the next season of the program.

This decision was made known through a live broadcast of the Instagram account for Emilia Dides where he said: "I'm not going to be in "Summer Red & # 39;".

The motivation of the young person would be because he needs time to move forward in his artistic career and the program would not allow him to show his true talent.

"I will not sing and I want to sing. (Red on Holidays) He focused much more on the play, "the boy said according to the Fotech portal.

However, the young Tahitian explained that if they let him appear, he would be happy, although he insisted that he should "move forward in your own music".

¿Follow the steps of renowned singer Paloma Mami, Which also left Red to start his musical career independently?

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