Thursday , February 25 2021

With the goal of Buonanotte, UC beat Unión

The crusaders won by the minimum account to the Hispanics and classified to the end of the summer match of Vinya of the Sea.

Catholic University He added a new victory in the summer tournament of Vinya del Mar. The crusaders exceeded 1-0 at Spanish Union.

Those led by Gustavo Quinteros They were far superior to the Hispanics during almost all the commitment. However, they only managed to win by the slightest difference.

The goal came after a genius of Diego Buonanotte. The Argentine retrieved a ball at the exit of the area and faced the arch defended by Diego Sánchez, who left in the way and then only pushed the ball.

UC responded alternative defense. Since they were performing well Valber Horta i Benjamin Vidal. He was also the holder Cristopher Toselli, Who over the end had outstanding interventions, handed a hand to David Plans. In addition, the debut of César Pinedes, That only played the first time, situation that was coordinated by the technical body.

Catholic ranked at the end of the contest, Saturday will define the title against the Everton place.

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