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Woman murdered by her partner in Lebu: they had antecedents of violence but without complaints | National

New backgrounds have seen the light after the murder of Lissete Riffo Cayupan (23) in Lebu, whose partner – identified as Jordan Villanueva – confessed to have committed the crime by means of one aggression with white weapon.

The mayor of Bío Bío, Jorge Ulloa, lamented this episode by noting that the background indicates that there was intrafamiliar violence between the couple, but that there was no type of prior complaint.

"We are facing a situation that apparently was known from the point of view of intra-family violence, however, there is no complaint record of any kind, "said the authority.

The facts were registered at that 4:30 p.m. This Friday, when a call was received at the Second Police Station in Lebu, police attended the population on February 27.

"We are facing a situation that apparently was known from the point of view of domestic violence, however, there is no record of denunciation of any kind."

– Jorge Ulloa, Bío Bío intendant

In that place they met with an adult woman, who handed them over first details of tragedy

Commander Víctor Blanco, deputy prefect of Services of the Prefecture of Arauco, indicated that this person said that "his 25-year-old son had assaulted his 23-year-old cohabiter and had even killed him."

He also referred to the fact that the government seremi, Francesca Parodi, who is also found as a seremi (s) of Women and Gender Equity, emphasizing that both victims and relatives must make complaints in the corresponding organisms, to give the necessary help.

"We need constant support from people and citizens to carry out all the complaints," said Seremi.

The place was perigated by staff of the Labocar de Concepción, added to the work of the SIP of Carabineros de Lebu.

Regarding the 7-year-old son of the couple, he was under the temporary care of his maternal grandfather

Violence against women

If you are a victim or witness of violence against women, denounce the 149 of Carabineros or receive guidance by calling to the short number 1455 of the Sernameg

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