Thursday , March 4 2021

Xenowerk is a great action game to spend time

We continue with our "weekly lap" for the iOS App Store with the intention of looking for the content of software of the highest quality possible, only so you can take away all the juice on your iPhone or iPad, because of course there is life beyond WhatsApp and Instagram, is not it like this?

Today I bring you a fantastic recommendation, an extensive video game and worked with you to spend the time. I present to you Xenowerk, a zenithal action and a lot of shots to save the world. It stays with us and discovers the features of this intriguing game of the App Store that will test the performance of your iPhone.

The object of the video game is to stop a kind of pest that pollutes and mutates the beings, as it could not be otherwise, it is due to a failed experiment, and it has caused you to solve it the whole problem. This video game developed by Pixelbite (you will remember the studio for productions like Space Marshals) We will offer constant action, a lot of color, good graphics and above all the ability to test our skills. As it could not be otherwise, it uses a complex argument, with a more complex arsenal of weapons and "special powers" that will improve our performance against enemies.

We are faced with an action game with an overhead view (from above), which in addition It supports MFI commands in case you want to get the most out of your iPad or compatible commands with the iPhone. You can customize your weapons so that they perform more adjusted performance. We have compatibility with devices running iOS 8.0, both in the case of the iPad and the iPhone, weighs "only" 166 MB and has a final price of 2.29 euros we can still Buy some extra things inside the store.

Xenowerk (AppStore Link)




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