Thursday , October 28 2021

Yellow fever vaccine is exhausted in Chile


A story that is repeated.

It has been a couple of years ago that in Chile the same problem is repeated: the yellow fever vaccine suffers from so much demand that it is rapidly depleted.

Anyone who has planned holidays in Brazil, although it is not mandatory to have it, try to get it.

According to what La Tercera informs, this come with stinging taste is not available in medical centers and as it was expected, people are desperate.

According to the source, they were contacted with several medical centers in the country and all have a similar answer: "It arrives next week", although of course, many of these shipments are already reserved, so the complexity of the subject is " # 39; sharpen.

In urban areas, the contagion rate is not high, but if it occurs, it has high mortality.

Where is it mandatory to get this vaccine? If you travel to Colombia, Bolivia and Costa Rica, among others, you must bring your certificate.

A complicated issue of public health that is aggravated in every season of travel and that people, when planning their vacations, do not always take into account.

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