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You did not notice it: in "Aquaman" there is a hidden reference to the future Flash movie. | TV and Show

A month and a half ago the movie was released Aquaman, Focused on the superhero that was first presented in the Universe Extended DC (DCEU, in the English acronym) through the League of Justice (2017).

In this short time, Aquaman It has become the most successful DC band in history in monetary terms, because it broke its revenue record in cinemas, earning more than $ 1 billion worldwide.

This event has taken a breath to the trembling DC universe, which has undergone major changes in the last couple of years after the failure of tapes such as League of Justice and the departure of one of its main creators, director Zack Snyder.

before Justice LeagueThere was the idea of ​​making solo films on Flash (Barry Allen) and Cyborg (Victor Stone), two heroes who appeared there next to Aquaman. However, only the latter saw the light and the other two are in suspense, because the line that will continue to DC in the cinema of nowhere is not defined.

No one knows what will happen to the Cyborg movie, but in the case of Flash it seems more likely to be concrete. Of course, the project has undergone major changes along the way.

Flash a
Flash in "League of Justice" (2017)

In 2017, Warner Bros had announced that the movie would inspire in FlashpointHe then picked up CinemaBlend film site. This is a famous series of comics in which Flash retreats in time and saves its mother from dying killed, causing it to change everything in the DC universe.

Among the changes that occur are that Aquaman and the Woman Wonder agree to marry, in an attempt to strengthen their dynasties, but this plan fails, ending that Atlantis and the Amazon enter into a war that is devastating for their worlds .

In addition, there are several superheroes that die there. For example, in this line of time, Bruce Wayne was murdered instead of his parents, so his father became Batman and his mother in the Joker.

In the end, Flash manages to repair his error and his mother dies, as was supposed to happen, but there are also several things that never happen again as before, causing the stories of many superheroes to be reinitiated in the comic books, generating the comic book series known as The New 52 (The Nous 52).

For months it has been speculating that the Flash movie will no longer be an adaptation of Flashpoint, Which has not been confirmed by Warner Bros. But whatever its argument, the truth is that when it was announced that it would take place Flashpoint On the big screen, Aquaman's movie was already recording. So in that time it made sense to include some reference to Barry Allen's supposed future film.

To everyone's surprise, now you've confirmed that this reference -o easter egg– it actually exists in Aquaman and that no one had noticed.

As explained by the ScreenRant film portal, Neil Daly, who organized the test shows AquamanHe declared in a podcast called Fire and Water what 1 easter egg of Flashpoint appears hidden in the post post credits from Aquaman, In which the evil Black Manta is saved by dr. Stephen Shin, who is trying to prove that Atlantis exists.

Specifically, this is a newspaper clipping that is hooked on a wall, where the headline "La Mujer Maravilla puts an end to rumors of romance with Aquaman." This refers to the romantic relationship that both characters develop in Flashpoint, Which we have already mentioned above.

"One of the headlines of the newspapers called" La Mujer Maravilla "puts an end to rumors of romance with Aquaman, which most people will only take as irony and think it's funny. But in # 39 Time of filming, they were still discussing how to move on with Flashpoint like the movie Flash. So they included this reference to Aquaman and the Woman Wonder in a relationship ", Ratified Daly.

Easter egg of
Easter Egg of "Flashpoint" to "Aquaman" (2018)

To realize the Flash movie, their recordings would begin -in the best case- by the end of 2019, Because before this date the actor who plays Barry Allen, Ezra Miller, will be busy working in the third part of the saga of fantastic animals, Also of Warner Bros, indicates comic book.

Also, whether it's called Flashpoint or not, it is not unreasonable to think that it may include trips over time, a well-known skill of Barry Allen.

On the other hand, it seems unlikely that we will see this presumed film this year or by 2020, because several DC films have already been announced that will be released during this period. these are Shazam! (April 2019), Joker (October 2019), Birds of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) (February 2020) i Wonder Woman 1984 (June 2020).

In fact, the first teaser of Birds of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) It was released on Monday this week. Below you can see it.

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