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"啥 is page" for the screen, director and Q & A expert – Xinhuanet Inner Mongolia Channel


The film "啥 is Page" of 5 minutes and 40 seconds became the first circle of friends in 2019. On January 18, director of short films Zhang Dapeng accepted an exclusive interview with the News of Beijing, responding to the feelings after the projection of the screen, the shooting situation and the questions of internet users.

Zhang Dapeng said he was a movie commercial, and the short film was a movie version of the trailer. "The short film was not released from the feature film". Instead, the film was photographed again and the participants were not professional actors. Zhang Dapeng also denied the online question about his consumption of poverty and field consumption, and said that "everyone is familiar." According to Zhu Xi, deputy director of the Communication Law Center of the University of Political Science and Law of China, "this has become a hot event, but it has the essence of marketing."


Calendar of dissemination and dissemination

Compared to the release of the WeChat platform, the Weibo platform has a basis for the release of data in the "啥 is Page" material.

At 4:00 PM on January 16, "@ 电影 小猪 佩奇 过大年" Weibo posted a warning, the amount of interaction is 11.

At 11 January 17, a marketing number "@ 吐槽 小 才 才" again launched the trailer "啥 es Pecs", a total of 4509 interactions.

Between 17:25 and 22:00 hours on January 17, was the maximum time of Weibo traffic. Starting with "@ Thought Focus" a total of 13 marketing accounts were published. # 啥 是 佩奇 # official TVC version, 23 points We sent 43 points, Wang Sicong and other senior V, forming a turning point for Weibo.

The plot is a character "grandfather"

The short story explains the story of Li Yubao looking for "Pec" for his grandson.

News reported by Beijing's journalist, director Zhang Dapeng, shows that, near the # of the year, when the three-year-old grandson returns to town for a vacation, Li Yubao is difficult to break . The boy wants a pig, but is Peggy? He was confused by the village horn, the answer was ridiculous: some said it was a sexy female on the live web site. Some took the same detergent name and others said it was a kind of chess. Around, ignorant, and finally Li Yubao made a "Pec" with a fan.

On the morning of January 18, director of short films Zhang Dapeng said in an exclusive interview with the journalist from Beijing that it only took two days to film the film. It was filming the original film from the "Little Pig Peggy Over the Year" filming. In Huailai County, Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province, "before advertising here, I was familiar with the land and the environment, and I was close to Beijing. I can go on and on every day." The protagonist "Avi" is a vegan character. "At that time, we found a few people in the village, only acted very well and was chosen for us."

The issue is not "poverty of consumption"

Zhang Dapeng said the film is not an announcement of China Mobile, but we have cooperation, but a pilot movie for the New Year movie. Although the content is not published after the feature film, the transmitted values ​​are the same, that is, "meeting and happiness".

Zhang Dapeng said he was a commercial movie director, this is his first time to direct a feature film. She admits that the film was a "propositional composition," and the film company found it after entering the copyright. "I have children at home with producers and children like Pec, mainly for children ". Faced with the "consumer poverty" issue, he denied that "it is relative. After locating the page, it is a serious Chinese history. We all like the page's image of the Page, we hope that the film can be used during the Spring Festival., to pass a happy message to everyone. "


■ Point of view


Expert: Operation "Emotional Marketing"

"This became a hot event, in fact, with the essence of marketing." On the afternoon of day 18, Zhu Xi, deputy director of the Communication Law Center of the University of Political Science and Law of China, said in an interview with Beijing News that it was a marketing event and not a primary explosion. From the director to the Piggy Page author rights party, in the movie, he is the producer. He made art in the industry, including the resubmission of Wang Sicong Weibo.

Zhu Xi pointed out that the short film director tried to push the tears of the audience, to market everyone to go home for the New Year's meeting, it now seems to be more successful, The # 39 Effect is not bad. He thinks that work is relatively well conceived in the concept of the Chinese New Year and the combination of pigs and Peggy IP, "marketing is an emotional business operation."

Zhu Xi analyzed through the Beijing reporter that "啥 is Page" was deduced in the communication process. Personally, I think it is creating a boost for Lunar New Year, and marketing is linked to emotions. Although "cheap", it works better. Marketing.

Some voices pointed out that the reason why the short film takes place is to compensate, in a sense, the urban, rural and intergenerational ravines. In this sense, Zhu Xi considers that "Pec" is only a cultural symbol in this phenomenon communication. "I think the real basics are in mobile phones and the Internet."

He added to the Beijing reporter that the link between the people that remained in the field and those who worked outside the home were Internet and mobile phones. "The page is just a stick of sticks in this table, it's simply not in the table."


■ The question and the director's response

News from Beijing: this commercial?

Zhang Dapeng: Not very accurate. In fact, this movie in real life animation also takes me. I am the director. So, in fact, I have taken an ad video for my own movie and I've helped promote it.

Beijing News: What do you think is the reason why the short film is "hot"?

Zhang Dapeng: I think it must be the point of Page, there is heat, an autonomous traffic, maybe I have done a good job, it can be the reason of the style and what we want is to convey happiness.

Beijing News: What was the original intention of filming this short film?

Zhang Dapeng: in reality, everyone is arguing together, as we can be more interesting, so I just want to make a short film. Because I am going to do a lot of stories to go home for New Year with my friends during the Spring Festival, and I often go to the field to film, sometimes I will make some assumptions: many young people from rural areas come out Work and the rest of the elderly are at home. Some older people play with their slippery cell phones, some older people are stubborn and do not want to use smartphones, so if you want to get the information from Page, this process can be more interesting and difficult.

Beijing News: How was the "page" of the avi been designed?

Zhang Dapeng: It was originally a blower. Life is cooking and making stoves. Every family has this thing. In fact, there was a stem before it was like a hairdryer.

Beijing News: What are the advantages and disadvantages of the movie?

Zhang Dapeng: I do not know what advantages and disadvantages I have, because I have to pay attention to what I am satisfied, and is in line with my own heart. It is also common to play, there is no super standard. Mainly, I think it's because the heat of Pec is also here, I just play it normally. I do not think there is any regret, because my style of film is more rigorous and the script believes that it is my income, so I have the script, and I want it.

The Beijing News: The trailer is so hot, will there be pressure?

Zhang Dapeng: I think everyone should be tolerant. After reading the short film, I should be able to understand that our team is very professional. Our team of short films and positive films is the same team, including photographers and directors are own people. But the positive film we are making children's films, and there is no social property attribute as Internet users say. (Reporter Yifan Interior Luo Yiyi)

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