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2019-01-27 01:16:08 Source: Kunming Daily

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An international research team found in the samples collected on the moon that an ancient stone of the moon could have come from the earth. It was thrown to the surface of the moon after being hit by an asteroid or a comet in the early stages of Earth formation and was returned to Earth by astronauts.

A recent study published in the international magazine "Earth and Planetary Science News" shows that this rock was returned by NASA "Apollo 14", a lunar ship manned from the moon in 1971, including the quartz and the long rocky fragments of Stone and zircon, these minerals commonly found on Earth are quite rare on the moon. Researchers from the United States, Sweden and Australia have found that this rock is more likely to crystallize into superficial oxidation systems and surface temperatures rather than lunar conditions.

The researchers speculated that about 4 billion years ago, an asteroid or larger comet hit the Earth, throwing it away from the original Earth atmosphere to the space and col • Lying with the moon, when the Moon of the Earth was only one third of the current distance. . Xinhua news agency

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