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Absence of the palace lantern restoration of the palace palace of Beijing's old tradition that faces new artisan challenges –

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February 1, 2019 1:39 p.m. Source: Beijing News Participate in the interaction

Absence of the lantern restoration of the palace palace of the lights of the palace of Beijing

The national immaterial cultural heritage The production skills of the palace light of Beijing are facing challenges and inheritance is lacking, experts say that traditional craft should keep up with the rhythm of time

On January 29, Guo Yanqing, the heir of Beijing Gongguang Art, painted flashlights.

On January 29, the Beijing Fine Arts Red Light Factory, Guo Yanqing, exhibited the national immaterial cultural heritage of the lanterns of the Beijing Palace. This edition of the photo / photo of Beijing News Wang Jianing photo

On the eve of the Spring Festival this year, the Palace Museum of the Qing Palace hangs a far-away palace lantern.

In the Beijing Fine Red Light Factory, Guo Yanqing, heir of Beijing Gongguang Art, looked closely at the flashlight in the news photo: "The style of restoration is very good and is made by modern technology." Guo Yanqing did not read the error. These flashlights came from Zigong, Sichuan, using new materials and new technologies such as laser printing.

At the door of the house, I could not contribute to the restoration of the lanterns of the palace of the Palau. Guo Yanqing lamented, but he was defenseless. "Production can not be maintained, we can not recover."

Despite the difficulties, the heirs of Beijing Gongguang believe that "this ship will not break". Currently, many young people have studied the production of the lanterns of the Beijing palace and have innovated.

1 production workshop

The busy scenes are hard to reproduce

In an alley near Guangqumen, the Beijing Fine Arts Red Light Factory is hidden in an old residential building.

On the eve of the Spring Festival, the Beijing reporter visited the Beijing Fine Arts Red Light Factory. The predecessor of this old factory was the "Wenshengzhai lightweight paint shop" which was founded in the period of Qing Jiaqing. Currently, the four non-genetic heirs of Beijing Gongguang Art are employees of the factory. Mr. is already in the 70's.

On the roof of the winery, there are several samples of hanging Palestinian lanterns. "The largest hexagonal palace lantern is 1 meter tall. It was made in 2002 and 20 workers took a month." Guo Yanqing said that every palace lantern is a treasure.

Compared with the enamel of the store, the opposite production workshop is solitary: there is nobody in the bungalow of 30 square meters. There are several tools and raw materials to make the palace lanterns spread over the table.

"This plane is mahogany, it has more than 100 years of antiquity and is difficult to find elsewhere." Guo Yanqing pointed out a brilliant plane, which was transmitted by his grandfather, Guojia, three generations of carpentry, the father of Guo Yanqing is also Beijing. Workers from fine red light factory.

In 1981, Guo Yanqing went to the factory with his father's industry and learned the lanterns from the palace with the old craftsmen. Guo Yanqing recalled that he had just entered the factory and was busy in a year. "There are more than 20 people in a group that carries out carpentry work. There are several groups in a workshop. Workers are in a row when they work.

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