Tuesday , October 19 2021

Affected by the negative? The repetition of "Snow Leopard" Wu Xiubo was eliminated from the cast – Movie – cnBeta.COM


Recently, some Internet users discovered that Wu Xiubo's "Snow Leopard" television series was repeated on a television set.However, he has been removed in the cast of the film at the end of the film. The character "Xu Bowen" and his true name have been mosaic.At the same time, there is news that Wu Xiubo has already registered the Beijing Evening Festival of Satellite TV and the programs "Ace to Ace" have been done through technical means.

"Snow Leopard" is an anti-Japanese television drama directed by Converse and Du Yuming, the story of the trip from Zhou Weiguo of the rich family to the anti-Japanese road and the story of the anti-Japanese hero that formed The special Army Snow Leopard Special Warfare Army and became an excellent commander. After the broadcast, the show won the 28th Television Drama Program of China "Flying Award", on the 26th. Golden Eagle Award for exceptional television drama and other awards, Wu Xiubo played Xu Bowen in the play.

You have reported that Wu Xiubo brought you a series of follow-up effects after derailment, as the movie star "Love St. 2" was dismantled, the Evening Evening guest louse was cut for the Beijing satellite television, and the opening of the spring variety "Ace contra Ace 4" was cut. The television series "Longing for Life", starring Yang Ying, changed webcasting, the Australian Tourism Board and the image ambassador, Wu Xiubo canceled the contract, the Investment stocks plummeted and losses were very heavy.

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