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Can Kuan Jian head decide on the start of the team? The Cui Kangki training team's training teams see a decline – Global Sports APP –


2018-11-17 17:36:30 Source: Global Sports App

Original title: Kuan Jian boss can determine the starting list of the team game? Cui Kangki's training teams seem to disappear

As new coach Kuan Jian, Cui Kangki took over the position, but there is still no bottom for the future of the team's training. Since the challenges and tasks Kuan Jian's new coach Cui Kangki faces, they are very huge, not only working on the skills and tactics of the team, but also maintaining the balance in the squad of the team. More importantly, Cui Kangki's work must be satisfied with the head of Kuan Jian, who will secure his position in Kuan Jian.

This is where many fans sweat for Cui Kangki, because as a technical and tactical team work, this is the masterpiece of Cui Kangki. Cui Kangki brought South Korea in the north and the AFC Champions League for so many years, thanks to his technical and tactical skills for the team is very practical and efficient. The South Korean offensive of the North and North and Defense almost no major defects, reflecting the superior technical and tactical capabilities of Cui Kangki. Therefore, after Cui Kangki assumed power, daily training and technical and tactical arrangements, fans do not have to worry. As for the harmony of Kuanjian cabinets, Cui Kangki can only communicate with Li Veifeng.

Li Weifeng's prestige in quagmers is obvious to everyone. He must carry the mission of the communication bridge between Kuanjian and Cui Kangka. Li Veifeng can work with Cui Kangki, so Cui Kangki will not have to worry about the harmony of the dressing room. In addition, Zhang Jian, Captain Kuanjian, also has the charisma of the leader among the players. Therefore, when Cui Kangki and Li Veifeng worked well, let Zhang Lu continue to play the role of a leader in the Kuanjian team, then Cui Kangki will not be able to teach the right. Far.

What is most worrying about the fans is now the communication and cooperation of the new guard Kuan Jian Cui Kangki and chief Kuan Jian Shu Huihui. According to earlier media reports in Tianjin, the reason why Sosa is not right to learn is not because of his training skills. Sosa led the class that he was in the formation of troops and the use of people, and the demands of Chief Kuan Jian Shu Huihui were not uniform. In the interview, Shu Shuhui said that when Sosa played Luneng, Sosa submitted a starter and a list of 18 people. Shu Iihui saw that Sun Kei and Zhao Xuri were not the main players on this list. Shu Yihui believed that the first arrangement of Sosa was extremely unreasonable. So, the right-hand boss has changed the starting list of the team, and for the team to drop it is finally to let Sosa class. Through this news report, fans Kuan Jian and the outside world know that Sosa has arranged a start line for each competition and a list of 18 people, which will be personally reviewed by the boss.

That does not mean that Sosa does not need Zhao Xi and Sun Ke reasonably. It is extremely unreasonable for the boss to mix in the arrangement of the head coach. Obviously, head coach Cui Kangki will have to approve the boss if he is scheduled to start each match. He's definitely not ready. Then as Cui Kangki communicates with the power of the boss, Shu Huihui, who will determine the future destiny of Cui Kangki in Kuanjian!

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