Monday , May 16 2022

China Internet brokers probably looking for short-term, Futu Holdings falls 10%


  1. China is probably looking for short-term Internet brokers, Futu Holdings falls 10%Sina
  2. Information security is questioned. China’s conceptual stocks, Futu Holdings and Tiger Securities, fell sharply under the new rules, what will the impact be like?Eastern Fortune Network
  3. Stocks of Chinese concepts Futu and Tiger’s shares plummeted by the CCP’s official mediaEpoch Times
  4. After being tortured by People’s Daily Online, Futu and Tiger fell overnight and their market value evaporated by more than 10 billion. What happened? The urgent answer is here.Sina
  5. The top three U.S. stock indices opened higher and brokerage stocks fell. Tiger Securities fell more than 20% Duowei News | EconomyDuowei News Network
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