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Confidence in the direction of the global situation: Internet users discuss with great attention the discourse of the Secretary General in the twelfth collective study of the Political Office of the Central Committee 新民 时政 _ 新民 网


On the morning of January 25, the CPC Central Committee Political Office held the twelfth collective study on the media and the development of media integration. Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, presided over the study, delivered an important speech and extended a new blessing to national journalists. This group study left Zhongnanhai and established the "classroom" in the first line of development of media integration: People's Daily News New Media Building, in the form of research, explanation and discussion. After seeing through various media platforms, most Internet users and journalists said they were very enthusiastic and encouraged. In particular, Secretary-General Xi Jinping emphasized in his speech that media integration would be promoted in depth, with clear guidance, precise positioning and deep hopes. The development of the media will establish the direction and establish the general situation, will have a great importance and impact, and will undoubtedly create a new situation in propaganda and ideological and cultural work.


Like the Secretary General


Trust is more than enough, the environment is unprecedented

Netizen "3585327": Support for the claim and request of the media by President Xi!

Netizen "Li Yi _431f630": integration of the media, the trend of time!

Netizen "The sea is the ocean": for the power of the country, through the means of justice, by the president of the wise person, praise.

Internet users "falling to Yao": it is great to promote media integration to develop in depth.

Netizen "Zhao": "Where is the reader, where he is the audience, where they will expand the tentacles of the propaganda report, where the focus and support of the propaganda will be placed and the ideological work ". Concise and concise, deep!

Netizen "Pig Lazy": the collective learning of the Daily People at the beginning of the new year is of great importance, is to give direction to the development of the media and establish the general situation. The trust of journalists is even bigger, the steps are bigger, and the environment is more unprecedented.

User "Cherry": like President Xi! Global Rationalization! Sweetheart Stable and stable! For a long time! Dare to innovate! Be good at doing it right! More efforts to promote Chinese dream soon!

Netizen "Avery0O": the tide of the era! Create an advertising situation. First thoughts Great Eastern tide! Focus on a new era! Raise the flag! The original source! Maintain innovation! Create a new situation in propaganda and ideological and cultural work! Praise for President Ying Ming Xi!

Netizen "February 22nd 2": praise for Secretary General Xi! Try to make the positive energy of the new era of the media! Make an effort to promote social integrity.

Netizen "Cai Xiaobao can not lose weight and you still have a face to eat": Mr. Xi likes it. As a member of the Chinese nation, we must strive to exert our positive energy and make every effort to realize the dream of the country and the dream of the family.

Netizen "哐 一 啷 铛 哐": President Xi will always support you! Go with the party! Integrate the new media and let the party's voice open to the world. The strong people of China are happy!

Netizen "Who is closing the wheat": learn the general secretary, a good example, for the country for people, the model of the national party and the governmental working group!

Netizen "I do not eat peach fish": larger and stronger media, integrated with the mass media, etc., so that all means are executed on the legal track. The direction is clear, the positioning is accurate and the hope is deep.

Netizen "aircraft carriers to the sea": rejuvenating the Chinese nation and promoting the integration of the media to develop in depth is an important imperative event of the imperative. All the media have the desire to do everything possible to strengthen the whole party and the whole country. The common ideological foundation of people is very important. Like President Xi.


Secretary General support


Take the initiative and master the right to speak

Netizen "Sun Talk": Pingyu is close! Take the initiative, master the right to speak, integrate the new media and promote positive energy!

Netizen "People ZUkCt": the meeting of the Politburo has its own characteristics and new ideas. Both promote the upper layer and promote the lower layer. It is favorable to the paintings to delve into real work and do business. It's worth it amazing!

Internet users "do not forget the initial heart": read the multimedia article of this merger, Xi Jinping, these three phrases are very important.

1. Where is the audience, where is the corner of the propaganda report?

2. Promotion of the integration and the development of the means The construction of all the means has become an urgent topic for us.

3. The leadership, management and power of the discourse of ideological work must be firmly in their hands.

The combination of natural reality with individuals and the realization of two hundred years of great dreams of Chinese national rejuvenation, with extremely rich spiritual connotations, is an immortal drama that guides Chinese children to achieve glorious ideals.

The thought and the expression, the ideas and the rules, the speculation and the intention are all of them, and they are justified and ordered.

Mr President, in the new media of the Daily People, these three words are the key to promoting the integration of new media into a deeper development, and it is important. He is deeply philosophical, resistant and resistant.

Netizen "Freyadoge": the new communication tool, the new trend has turned into the address under the current environment. The guidance ideology of the Secretary General is to actively develop the integration of traditional media and new media under the premise of designing the first level in the general direction. The relationship between various media channels. Traditional media must lead a good direction and defend a healthy and positive perspective on the world of values. Defend party and state policies and do good work in public opinion.

Netizen "Zhang Pei": the integration of media has risen to the height of governance and is of great importance. I hope that more support policies will benefit from the transformation and updating of traditional media such as newspapers.


Responsible general secretary


Let the positive energy be stronger and the main melody be higher

Netizen "Green onion, Aunt Cheng Lijuan": we must pay close attention to the high level design, create a new type of communication platform, build a new main communication medium, expand the design of the influence of value Main and let the voice of the party spread more widely, be deeper and more profoundly diffused.

Netizen "A.Shu": media in the media are no longer limited to communication channels, and the media must pay close attention to learning and # 39 ; update Traditional media must understand the all-powerful hands of creative planning, edit WeChat, take photos, record videos, edit later and retransmit. Actively fights in the new situation and promotes integration.

Netizen "catlife": the media should not spare efforts to convey the party's thinking to people.

Netizen "霹雳 毛豆": in the new age, we must have an open and inclusive attitude and a continuous learning attitude.

Netizens "a look of lovers of the mushroom": promote the voice of the party directly to all types of user terminals! Let the positive energy be stronger and the main melody be higher.

Netizen "醍醐 delicious": in response to the highest instructions of the Secretary General, we are committed to the integration of the construction of media information, offering an integrated global program, we launched the sleeves!

Internet users "listen to listen and do not want to hear": support the main media in China to leave. Let the world hear more Chinese voices and make Chinese culture illuminate the whole world.

Netizen "JK": promotes the construction of integrated means at county level to adapt to the development of time. We go!

Cleaners "thinking about things": strengthening the management of emerging media in accordance with the law, making our network space clearer.

Netizen "Liu Mengxiang": the media must guide pragmatically new ideas and new cultures from the top up to the base of people's hearts, connect the hearts of people and the hearts of people, atmosphere and rejuvenate the nation.

Netizen "nh Haina Baichuan": technology is iterative, and the development of integration is a self-transformation of the mainstream media. The more Internet age you have, the more you have to have the main values ​​like the pillar. The more I trust in the truth, the more a final decision can be made. Covering the change, responding to the situation, the positive energy is stronger, and the main melody is higher.

Netizen "Shui Tian Village Master Lao Mi": promote the development of media integration, actively promote the positive energy of society in the way adolescents love it, young people are on the Internet and opinion Public network guides the future of our nation and our cause.


Thanks to the Secretary General


Trust, high spirits

Netizen "Iron Army": I want the national reporters to be happy in New Year! I also wish you a great new year!

Netizen "Fibra Mo": Thank you for your great care.

"An online media worker": although the screen is on the screen, I think the general secretary is like being at home with us.

Inform the Secretary General, your condolences and our blessings that we have received.

Grateful for the great homeland! Under the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China, under the arduous struggle of the whole party and people across the country, the country is getting stronger, people's lives are better and the Chinese forces that contribute to the world They are getting bigger. It is a rich resource for journalists.

Thanks for the great new era! Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Central Committee of the Party with Comrade Xi Jinping has placed the work of public opinion in an important position and made strategic agreements to accelerate integration and development of traditional media and emerging media. The media adopted new technologies, participated in new changes and opened up new opportunities for development. This is a great stage for journalists to exploit their ink.

We need to consciously study the scientific plan of Secretary-General Xi Jinping on the development of media integration, taking into account the general enthusiasm of Secretary-General Xi Jinping for journalists, full of confidence, high morale and more work creative with the heart and effort to consolidate the entire game and people from all over the country. The common ideological foundations of the united struggle add to the bricks.

Netizen "People AQZd7": the party and people are connected, united and fighting forever. The words of the president are drunk, and the national rejuvenation will always follow.

Netizen "Lonely Xiaozhi": I'm really the most worried person!

Netizen "The source of Guototo will come to plant trees": journalism students, but also future journalists. I am very happy to receive the blessing of the president.

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