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Demystifying the variety of shows "The King of the Scenes" is called "Entertainment Circles": the king, street dance, this is the entertainment circle – Yangzi Evening News


2019-01-19 14:56:55 Source: Yangtze Evening News

Recently, the television drama "The King Behind the Scenes", which was broadcast by Dongfang TV, caused a lot of debate. In addition to the theme of Zhou Dongyu and Luo Jin, netizens talked more about it. "The variety shows that we saw were made like this. Also, intelligent netizens were also analyzed according to the characters and frames of the work, and they analyzed that Hu Ge, Wang Jiaer, etc., in Actually, they could be the prototypes of the characters in the work and compare the "King of the Scenes" with "Entertainment." Illustrations of the circle. " Yangzi Evening News / Yang Xiang, journalist Kong Xiaoping

Argument: The same type of program "taking the war" is accused of being Wang Jiaer

Comments: Each ring of the variety show is an interest relationship

"The King Behind the Scenes" is about the history of production of spectacles of little specific varieties. The central element of the workplace drama is "reality". To show the true state of work of an industry and to develop the characters and the stories, the work can not be Avoid exposing the whole entertainment industry ecosystem, # 39; status and information from the entertainment industry.

The practice of Bu Xiaogu (Zhou Dongyu) is Xingtian Entertainment Co., Ltd., who has made a television show with the highest ratings of the television station, "Twelve Kings", listening to the family member "I am singing ". When the company ME competitor saw that the program was on, it immediately made another program of the same type, "Supernova" according to this routine. The two began to fight against the classifications.

Just like "Twelve Songs" was preparing for a semifinal, he was very heavy at pushing the field, "Supernova" also planned to "love special songs", but also invited artists from great artists, and learned through Inserted "spy" The planning of the "Twelve songs", so the first step to take over the super popular singer Yin Zhengyu.

Seeing this, many Internet users immediately said that this is not the "battle to catch" between the two "various dances" in "This is Street Dance" and "Hot Blood Street Dance Group" in 2017. At this time , these two programs were the new kings. Wang Jiaer. He has reported that Wang Jiaer had to participate in "This is Street Dance" and suddenly participated in the "Hot Blood Street Dance Group", which sparked a strong public opinion network.

It is also a coincidence. On January 17, 2019, Wang Jiaer voluntarily issued a document recognizing the violation of the program group "It's the street of dance." He said that, due to his own problems and equipment, he temporarily canceled the "This is Street Dance" recording plan. The group of programs and fans are sorry.

Returning to the plot, in fact, "catch people" is to take the traffic. After the signing of Yin Zhengyu, Bu Xiaogu proposed to invite the younger brother of Yin Zhengyu, Yin Jiaxi, because he had autism before, and was very topical, besides his brother. Special attention, so if you can go to Yin Jiaxi, the traffic of your brother will be distributed to his brother. This will minimize the loss of the program group. It can be seen that each ring of the variety program is of interest, and what we see in the normal audience is just one lost face.

However, the ME company is very powerful. When signed with Yin Zhengyu, a special clause was added: All staff related to Yin Zhengyu is not authorized to participate in other programs, just to avoid being dumped.

Argument: The program explodes "Slag Man", the protagonist remains to record, and so on.

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