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2018-11-19 03:44:40 Source: Huaki Dushi Bao

Exciting 30 days, the fight against the "hanging lake"

Aerial photography of the city of Jinsha in the Baiiu district was submerged.

The river Jinsha is a thousand miles away, came from Tibet and went to Yunnan. It passed through the Baii County, the prefecture of Ganzi, the province of Sichuan.

The night was snow, and the surrounding mountains were white. In the early morning of November 18, watching the sun appear, the inhabitants of the Baiu County gathered in a small square in the district town at the same time, enjoying the sun as usual – watch carefully, their calm face still has tired Meaning. Only a few days ago, everyone fought alongside each other and thrilled with the crisis in the Jinsha River.

At 22:00 hours on October 10, 2018, at the crossing of Jiangda County, Changdu Citi, Tibet and Baii Counti, the prefecture of Ganzi, Sichuan province, blocked the main stream of the Jinsha River and formed a barrier lake. Fortunately, the creepy lake that formed the slope was naturally emptied for 20 days, and the danger was essentially facilitated. However, at 5 pm, on November 3, the slip occurred in the original sliding site Baige Village, Polo Tovnship, Jiangda Counti, and the Jinsha River was again blocked. This time, natural discharge is impossible. In 9 days, the drainage tank, the plethora of labor and machine tools, became a channel for redemption between the Jinsha River and the lake. "Bomb" was released in one moment only for one second, but behind that was a bitter battle for more than 30 days.

Baiiu Counti Telecom has established a first-line mobile telecommunications base station.

In this fight, we win.

First fight

Time 22: 6 pm on October 10th

Body body: about 5600 meters long and about 70 meters high

Water: close to 100 million cubic meters

The Jinsha River is broken.

A command of 11 people walked 7 hours on foot to reach the body

About 7:00 am on October 11, Doji, secretary of the party in the village of Shiba, the village of Baiyi Counti, received a phone call, like a thunder and almost jumped up: the word is Jinsha!

The call came from a neighboring village in Shenggong village. As the closest village to the Jinsha River in Ronggai, it was for the first time that the Jinsha River was broken after the landslide on October 10th. Almost at the same time that Dorje received the call, the Baii County telephone call also hit Party Secretary Rongjiao Tovnship. In a frequent phone that sounded in the morning of 11, all of Ronggai, and even the entire Baiy county, immediately went into a state of emergency. The message spread rapidly – the slope, the river Jinsha is blocked to create a barrier lake!

At 8 o'clock in the morning, Baiyi Counti held his first rescue meeting. After the meeting, two things were at the same time full: they rushed to the scene to investigate the situation and check the victims and evacuate the masses.

On the spot, the 11-team team was formed, and district magistrate Baiiang Aiang Dengzhu and the deputy secretary of the county party commission led the team and immediately started on the scene. From the Baiiu district to the dam, the direction is only 20 kilometers, but the terrain is quite complicated. After the command team arrived in the village of Zeba, about 7.5 kilometers from the coast, they borrow several motorcycles from local villagers and continue to move forward. At 10 am, on the hill in Shenggong village, the body of the scorpion finally entered the public.

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